Mindset Coaching for Women Online

Mindset Coaching for Women

When you are in charge of your thoughts, you are in charge of your life.

What is Mindset?

Loosely defined, a mindset is a mix of your beliefs, perspectives, philosophies, and attitudes about or towards something.

What is Mindset Coaching

Mindset coaching is when a mindset coach uses a framework or tools to help you work through any mindsets that keep you stuck. For example, if you’ve uttered, “It’s impossible to find a job during a pandemic,” you might have a Fixed or Scarcity Mindset. A mindset coach would ask you questions to help shift your beliefs and uncover ones that better serve you.

While we prefer the term “Alignment Coach” at Kickstartology, helping our clients practice better mindsets is a big part of what we teach. Our ultimate goal is to help you align to thrive so that every aspect of your life feels fulfilling and more like YOU! Helping you rewire your brain so you can grow definitely involves mindsets.

Why Mindset Coaching Works

Our mindset is the set of beliefs we have about ourselves, others, the way things are and how they work. What we believe to be possible for ourselves is based on our mindset, which is why Mindset Coaching is a critical component of all of the Kickstartology frameworks and programs.

Developing the mindset that aligns with what you want to achieve is critical if you want to make a meaningful shift in your life. If you focus on what you don’t want and what you are trying to escape instead of what you want, you won’t make the progress you are seeking. So many women don’t overcome obstacles because they are spending more time thinking about their problems than possible solutions.

The right mindset will help with confidence, making decisions, as well as self-discipline and tenacity, even when things are difficult or out of your comfort zone.

Mindset Coaching Will Help You With:

  • Building an awareness of your beliefs and assumptions about yourself and the world, and an understanding of how this has guided your decisions and results to date
  • Building the ability to notice your thoughts in the moment, and learning to adjust them as needed
  • Developing a growth mindset and identifying any blocks rooted in a fixed mindset or mentality.
  • Developing a mindset focused on what’s possible not limited by what’s probable
  • Identifying and changing any scarcity mindsets around time, opportunities, money, success, relationships…
  • Cultivating an abundance mindset that understands that you can have access to anything you need if you are willing to work for it and be patient
Feeling stuck, Stephanie was able to teach me what I was missing in goal setting and achievement; challenge what I thought I knew; and pivot me back towards the great energy you feel when things are aligned. She packs the session with neuroscience and challenges which kept me focused and engaged. I highly recommend Stephanie’s method and format.

Since working with Stephanie and Nadine the last few months, I have broken free of the trying to try loop, have gotten more clarity on my vision and have made great progress in implementing changes and improving my life for the better. My habits are aligned with my goals, I have learned to question my limiting beliefs and improve my thoughts. I have learned so many incredible tools that have helped change my life for the better and the program has definitely sped up my progress than if I was doing it alone.

Stephanie and Nadine at Kickstartology offer a brilliant blend of neuroscience-based mindset work and been-there warmth and support. Workshops typically include encouraging experts, thought-provoking homework and smart participants with valuable insights and experiences to share.

Our Align to Thrive Mindset Coaching for Women Program

We work with women who don’t want to settle for less than what’s possible. They want to play bigger and take their life to the next level. This means different things to different people but is rooted in living a more intentional purpose-driven life. Our clients are ordinary people looking to achieve extraordinary results. We have coached women from around the world, including entrepreneurs, artists, authors, surgeons… and women who aren’t sure what they want.

Kickstartology Mindset Coaching for women is for you if you are not going to accept feeling stuck, putting off your dreams, making excuses, or constantly feeling tired, stressed or bored. Our coaching is going to help you get the results you want no matter what part of your life you want to focus on.

Our clients are ready to do the work to create real changes. We provide the tools and accountability to help get them there.

Group Mindset Coaching or One-on-One Mindset Coaching?

We offer online group mindset coaching, one-on-one mindset coaching, and hybrid group and one-on-one mindset coaching programs, as well as running online coaching workshops and community events for those who are “coaching curious.” Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to be notified about upcoming events.

Is Mindset Coaching Only Available for Women?

While we coach only women in our online group life coaching program (which includes deep mindset coaching), we offer one-on-one coaching for everyone. As our business grows, we will consider offering more group-coaching options.