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Alignment Coaching:

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Get out of your own way.
Find the clear path that you really want to be on.
Figure out what you’re actually capable of!

You’ve got this. We’ve got your back.

Kickstartology Coaching Program

Are You Ready?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated, or a bit bored with the status quo?

Are you spending more time doing the stuff that you have to do than stuff that makes you feel connected, in flow, or satisfied?

Are you frustrated because you aren’t sure exactly what you want, or there is no clear path for what you want?

Do you put off starting or making decisions because you need things to be perfect and don’t want to risk failure?

Are you procrastinating more and feeling checked out?

Is prioritizing the needs of others a habit that you can’t seem to let go of even though you want to take better care of yourself?

Are you spending more time thinking about what you want or what you want to escape or avoid?

When the things that aren’t working in your life start taking up more space in your head, affecting your energy levels and your mood, it’s time to try something new. Most people who are feeling stuck spend more time thinking about the things that aren’t working or what could go wrong than they do thinking about what they want instead and this keeps them stuck.

More is possible, even if right now you just don’t see how.

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It’s Time for Alignment

When you’re on the right track, you know it.

stephanie nadine coaching group

When you’re living in alignment You feel alive, connected, and engaged. It’s not about perfection or being happy all the time, but when you’re aligned you feel satisfied, and in control, and you’re able to handle the unexpected and life’s inevitable ups and downs.

You will be able to deeply enjoy what’s already good in your life, while also looking forward to and building what’s next.

Living in Alignment means taking care of all of the parts of your life and making them work together

  • Your career or business
  • Your family, friends, community
  • Growth and skill mastery
  • Healthy habits
  • Having fun

“I used to deliberate endlessly, but now I take action and make things happen.

Danielle Wintrip

“I used to build my whole life around work but now I’m building a whole life.

– Lauren O’Donnell

“I used to be someone who didn’t have a morning routine but now I’m the type of person who makes their bed, washes their face, and makes pour-over coffee.

Emilie Begin

“I used to be someone who didn’t realize I had become uncomfortable in my comfort zone. Now I’m focusing on the things I love and learning how to blow my own mind.

Hanna Wheeler

“I used to be someone who procrastinates, but now I’m the type of person who lets her passion and curiosity drive her.”

Emily Graves

“I used to be someone who was on auto-pilot, but now I’m the type of person who writes my own story.”

– Melonie De Guzman

“I used to be someone who sought external validation, but now I’m the type of person who seeks feedback and takes responsibility for my own sense of worth.”

Guinevere Orvis

“I used to be someone who needed absolute certainty before making any move. But now I’m the type of person who takes meaningful steps toward the things I want, even though I can’t predict the outcome.”

Angelina Lee

“I used to be someone who was depressed and anxious about my life. Now I’m someone who chats up everybody and tries new things.”

– Andrea Pilati

“I used to be someone who thought this was as good as it gets, but now I’m the type of person who understands how to make positive and lasting changes.”

Joanne Acri

“I used to be someone who felt stuck, but now I’m the type of person who does stuff.”

Precious Chong

“I used to be someone who let the pancake flip me, and now I am a prodigious pancake flipper.”

Kate Musgrove

“I used to be someone who didn’t know my worth, and now I am someone who knows I’m worthy of success.”

Emily Dwyer

“I used to be a person who was scared of change but now I’m the type of person who leans into it”

Verna Kulish

“I used to be someone who was afraid to do ambiguous and unknown things, but now I’m the type of person who jumps in and asks, ‘What’s next?!'”

Shannon Patterson

“I used to be someone who feared new challenges (a perfectionist at heart), but now I’m the type of person who “figures” things out.”

– Sukeina Jethabhai

“I used to be someone who cared a lot about what other people thought. Now I’m someone who still cares a lot about what other people think, but knows how to make choices based on my own needs.”

Nadine Thornhill

“I used to be someone who believed people pleasing was a strong leadership approach but now I’m the type of person who prioritizes my own growth, boundaries, and success.”

Amanda Munday

“I used to be someone who didn’t believe in possibility but now I’m the type of person who says why the fuck not.”

Carolyn Grisold

“I used to be someone who defined herself by her career and had no time or energy for self-improvement, but now I’m the type of person who puts personal growth first.”

Lisa Murphy

“I used to be someone who stewed in my own brew of negative thoughts and emotions, but now I’m the type of person who knows I can control my thoughts, and change them!”

Natalia Lobach

Coaching for Results

We have integrated the best from life coachingmindset coaching, and career coaching into our alignment coaching framework, in order for you to get lasting results, fast. Our program will help you with the following:

  • Creating clarity on what you really want
  • Identifying possibilities and opportunities as well as identifying hidden obstacles
  • Improving your prioritization and self-discipline
  • Building the right habits (and breaking the wrong ones)
  • Developing your self-image and confidence
  • Improving your decision-making skills
  • Managing a transition in your career or personal life
  • Moving beyond your limiting beliefs
  • Getting out of your comfort zone
  • Learning to get through feeling stuck or overwhelmed
  • Mindset training
  • Accountability

*What is a life coach?


The Coach:

Stephanie J. Marshall

Stephanie J. Marshall

Alignment Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

Read full bio here.

Get Started

Book an exploration call with Stephanie to get all of the details about the Kickstartology Coaching program.

What’s Possible?

It’s easy to go for what’s probable, but what if you changed your focus to what’s possible?

We help women take control and get on a path that brings out their best.

Our Alignment Framework helps our clients get past what’s holding them back and our live group coaching program supports them as they build momentum and get into action to create a life that aligns with what they really want.

All coaching including life coaching, career coaching, mindset coaching, and alignment coaching are integrated and applied based on what you need to work on in order to get the best results, fast.

Trying harder isn’t the solution. What if you tried something new?

What Happens if You Don’t Make a Change?


Are you bored with your current problems?

Does it feel like you keep coming back to the same problems? We can help you upgrade to some new ones. If you want different results you are going to have to try something new.

There is an easier way and it doesn’t need to include overwhelm and exhaustion or rely on motivation. We believe in human connection, listening, and using the growing body of evidence-based research to facilitate our client’s success.

I am approaching my priorities and goals with alignment, which is making the decisions much more conscious and feeling authentic. Kickstartology is a safe space to work out your challenges. Stephanie is a powerful coach that zeros into your blind spots.

Helped me create concrete goals, identifying phrases that are red flags, and inspired me to push myself further! 

It will help you develop tools for goal setting, for doing instead of planning to do, while also flagging any barriers you’re putting up to your own success, and helping support you throughout the process!


Stephanie and Nadine at Kickstartology offer a brilliant blend of neuroscience-based mindset work and been-there warmth and support. Workshops typically include encouraging experts, thought-provoking homework and smart participants with valuable insights and experiences to share.


Kickstartology is Women-Owned and Led

Serving women across the globe, Kickstartology Coaching & Workshops is owned and led by Toronto-based Stephanie J. Marshall and Nadine Araksi. Join our Facebook community and follow us on Instagram to access exclusive content and conversations about the things that matter to us.

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