By Stephanie Marshall, Toronto based Master Alignment Coach

If you’ve spent any time on Instagram you’ve stumbled across people who are talking about “manifesting abundance”. What a lot of people think this means is “I am wishing really hard for money”. But if that’s what they mean, they are doing it wrong.

(Today is about abundance, I’ll save my opinions on the word “manifesting” for another day.)

What Is an Abundance Mindset?

Here’s the thing: An abundant life isn’t about excess or about having so much money that you can buy whatever you want. It isn’t even about having that perfect amount that takes you out of debt and allows you to have a modest stress free lifestyle. Side note, I see a lot of women wishing for “reasonable” amounts of money because they don’t want to have desires that are “greedy”.

The abundance mindset is the belief that you will always have all that you need for what you want to do. Our mindset is made up of our collection of beliefs and habitual thoughts. Mindset coaching is about learning to notice our thoughts and shifting our beliefs where it helps us (not to be confused with denial or lying to yourself). An abundance mindset is the  habit of considering and believing in what’s possible. The abundance mindset is the belief that you are capable of figuring out how to get what it is you truly deeply want, even it takes hard work and time. It’s about not feeling fear or unworthy compared to others because you do not have something right now.

And this has nothing to do with how much people have, it’s something that comes from within. There is no amount that magically makes people feel abundant. I’ve seen first-hand people who are earning more than 95% of the country who are constantly worried about their personal financial stability, and I’ve seen the opposite. Interestingly, when the pandemic hit, the resilience and adaptability skills of those with an abundance mindset was instantly apparent. They were the first to pivot and find the opportunity to stay on track with their goals. Those with a scarcity mindset (the opposite of abundance) took much longer to find their footing because the uncertainty expanded their fear.

Mini Abundance Mindset Case Study: My Patio Deck

So I caught myself with a mild case of a scarcity mindset with regards to my patio deck earlier on this season. I was wishing that I had the resources available to redo my deck floors and get new furniture (other than the while table) and cozy it up to make it a better hang-out space since there would be less cottaging. I was a bit jealous of other people’s amazing outdoor spaces. Everything I liked was way too expensive or not good enough.

But then… long story, our umbrella flew away and broke and I had to get a new one. I got a bright yellow one and the fact that it is yellow AND IT TILTS made it a game-changer. Suddenly I started a plan to make the rest of the deck as amazing as my new umbrella. I stumbled across amazing solar cracked glass bulbs that hang perfectly on our brick wall ledge (originally I was just annoyed because we have no plug here). I decided to paint some of the mismatched wood furniture and now it looks fantastic and I have a few more things I plan to paint! I have a trellis wall thing coming. I tried a few things that didn’t work right away too but it has led to better ideas.

Next up: My friend lent me her power washer and I am tackling the floors this weekend, and after that… this is so exciting, I am going to paint the floors with a nautical theme, blue and white stripes! How cool is that? The deck has become my project and I love everything about it. It’s going to be a lot of work and there is no instant gratification here but it is going to be Pinterest worthy by the end of the summer.

In case you are into this sort of thing, I’m still not sure where I’m going to find the right comfy but practical chairs, I really want a cool bench, and I will need help with affordable hard to kill plants (I want little trees!). Also, weird ask… Does anyone have a source for old school lifeguard chairs? Send any leads my way.

Curiosity and Possibility

So this is what an abundance mindset looks like. I’m appreciating what I do have, this openness is enabling me to find more of what I want, I’m willing to work for it and be patient and I know that it is going to be better than I could have imagined. And when you feel the abundance so strongly in one area of your life it radiates over to the other areas of your life. I’m taking extra action on a few things with ease. For example, I’ve put together some new business initiatives that I’ve been contemplating for ages but hadn’t pushed the button on, and I know they are going in the right direction.

This is so much better than wishing I could afford new patio furniture. And it was available to me all along.

Also, wish me luck with the power washer.

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