What is Alignment Coaching?

Alignment coaching is a neuroscience-based form of coaching that helps individuals define their long term vision and current goals, explore what they will have to do to get the results they want, and create intentional shifts with their habits, mindset, and self-image in order to facilitate this. It can be applied to whatever you need it for: Your career, your habits, fitness, getting unstuck, figuring out what’s next, job hunting, dating, relationships, life,money, etc.

Alignment coaching will teach you how to do the following while applying the principles to help you gain momentum towards the results you want in your life now:

  • Create clarity around what you want in the short term and long term
  • Build the right habits and priorities without relying on willpower and motivation
  • Identify blind spots and opportunities
  • Ask inspired questions to drive the right action
  • Improve your self-discipline and follow-through
  • Manage your beliefs and assumptions
  • Build resilience

It’s understandable that people would often ask me what type of coach I am, and this question used to make me uncomfortable. What do you picture when I say “Life Coach”? What about “Mindset Coach” or “Career Coach”?  I love finding exactly the right words to explain complex concepts and I don’t think that any of those titles fit even though I coach on all three (I could also be called a “Habits Coach”, “Business Coach”, or “ADHD Coach”). 

Side note, I don’t do hockey coaching, baseball coaching, or fencing coaching.

What Does Alignment Coaching Focus On?

I coach people to create and strengthen the alignment between the vision of who they want to be and how they want to live, and where they are now in order to help them change what they need to and create lasting results. 

This approach is based on the latest neuroscience research and has created proven results with people in all sorts of different areas in their life. 

Alignment coaching requires introspection and radical curiosity, but it also easily roots down into the very practical and tactile. The approach helps people access the different neural networks required in order to change permanently and move past relying on motivation and willpower.

Consider the following:

Do your goals align with your long term vision?*
Does what you do on a daily basis align with creating the results you want?
Does your self-image align with who you need to be to live as you want to?
Do your habits align with your priorities?
Have you aligned your priorities with your values?
Does your level of discipline align with what you want to achieve?
Does your long term vision align with how you want to feel?
Do your thoughts align with what you want to prioritize?

It’s important to not judge yourself but to collect data on what is aligned and what needs attention and effort.

Building one shift at a time is enables people to more easily find opportunities, get into action, and do the difficult things they don’t want to do, in order to get what they want.

Life Coaching is about alignment, and so is career coaching, productivity coaching, mindset coaching.

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How Does Alignment Coaching Help?

The Kickstartology online group coaching program for women helps people take this new approach in a way that will enable them to get the results they want quickly. It’s not about people trying harder or doing more things, it’s about reframing your approach. It involves being strategic and intentional while building discipline. And the program is also great for accountability with enough touch-points to keep you on track.

This life coaching stuff works. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, uninspired, or bored of making promises to yourself that you don’t keep, I can help you (I do one-on-one coaching as well as groups). Book a consult or shoot me an email with a few available times, and we can discuss what coaching might look like for you specifically. We would cover what the plan would be, what we would do together, and you could assess whether this would be a good fit for you right now.

Might as well deal with anything you’ve been putting off now because I know for a fact that these things have a way of coming back to us.

* Of course, a part of this is coaching includes creating a clear vision of how you want to live and who you want to be (short term and long term). 

Curious About Coaching?

Let's explore whether it's a good fit! Book a call and we will discuss how we would work together, what you can expect to achieve, as well as the time and financial investments.

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