Online Group Coaching

Online Life Coaching Group for Women

What is the Online Group Coaching Program About?

Where do you want to be in five years?

This program is for you if you are interested in:

  • Creating clarity on what’s next
  • Making decisions quickly and confidently
  • Following through for yourself consistently
  • Creating habits that will serve you in the long run
  • Building your confidence and leadership skills
  • Eliminating self-doubt and overwhelm
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Dealing with new problems because you are bored with your current problems
  • Women supporting women and having fun as they do the work
*And if you are curious, open minded, and not a jerk

The Kickstartology online group coaching is about living with intention to create a purpose driven life that aligns with your values and desires.

Join an Amazing Community of Women

Master Life Coach Stephanie J. Marshall and expert Storytelling Coach Nadine A. Silverthorne bring warmth, accountability, and the tools for growth and creating the change you want. Our original program uses knowledge from the latest research including neuroplasticity, behavioural psychology, positive psychology, and NLP.

The program consists of online lectures, masterminding discussions, community challenges, accountability, as well as private one-on-one coaching. There is no “forced” sharing.

Toronto Based Coaches

Online Life Group Coaching for Women

This coaching program is designed for you to identify and clarify what you want to achieve, provide concrete methods to help you move forward, as well as providing on-going support, accountability, and motivation.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Setting the right long term and short term goals
  • Hacking your habits
  • Learning to take care of yourself and prioritize yourself in a healthy way
  • Learning how to better manage your thoughts and feelings
  • Decision making
  • Commitment, and motivation and discipline
  • Procrastination and prioritization
  • Dealing with overwhelm and burn-out
  • Confidence and self-image
  • Mindset techniques and training
  • Leadership
  • Facing your fears and overcoming limiting beliefs

Creating Alignment Through Life Coaching

Life Coaching is primarily about alignment.

How well do the following align with who you want to be and how you want to live?

  • The things you do every day and the way you do them
  • The things you don’t do consistently
  • The places you spend your time
  • The people you spend the most time with (yes, colleagues count)
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your health and energy levels

Do you catch yourself saying either of these to yourself?

“As soon as __________________”
“I just need to _______________________”

Those sentences are a trap. Many people get stuck in a perpetual state of thinking that what they want is just out of reach until they change that one thing that they haven’t gotten around to yet.

Here’s the thing: People living the life they really want aren’t master planners who have done everything perfectly up until this point. They need sleep like the rest of us. They also have to work on discipline, self-confidence, and dealing with every-day chaos. But their approach is different and alignment is the key.

Learning to approach your life with alignment isn’t complicated, and it isn’t about adding more work, but it does require consistent attention, deliberate effort, and the right tools. This is where coaching can make the process so much easier.

Want to find out more?

Find out how Kickstartology Coaching can help you overcome what’s holding you back, and decide if you are ready to try something new!

Most people don’t ever take the leap because they are always too busy, too tired, or waiting for something to change before they begin.

I’ve experienced a noticeable shift in how I approach challenges and have incorporated a variety of creative problem-solving strategies learned in the coaching program to move through my blocks. Stephanie is fiercely dedicated to and 100% engaged in supporting my success and to ensuring I stay on track and accountable to myself above all else.
The community of women in the program are intelligent, supportive, kind and real. I feel safe and comfortable sharing with the group knowing that everyone champions one another’s successes. I would highly recommend the program to any woman who is ready to up-level her life in all areas but isn’t sure how to begin.

Liz Fox


Every time I attend one of the Kickstartology group sessions, I learn about another tool that I can use to help me break through my own limiting beliefs. Stephanie and Nadine are a perfectly imperfect pair who have combined both science and intuition into every lesson. By showing up and putting in the work, I am confident that my actions are in line with my goals.

Melanie de Guzman

Project Manager