The Alignment Group Coaching Program

By Kickstartology

Group Coaching for Women with Stephanie J. Marshall

Stephanie J. Marshall

Master Alignment Coach

Online Group Coaching for Women

Who are you going to become?

The Kickstartology Group Coaching Program helps you develop and integrate your vision, goals, habits, mindset, and self-image to get out of your own way and find out what you’re capable of.

In other words, we help you create clarity and bridge the gap between where you want to be and your day-to-day reality, which can sometimes feel worlds apart.

Feel inspired and energized as you explore what’s possible, live well on your terms, and make an impact that aligns with your values.

In the Group Coaching Program you get more than the online group coaching calls, you also get extra support and guidance to keep you on track and engaged, including:


  • Access to one one-on-one private coaching sessions
  • Weekly personalized feedback
  • Bonus specialized content for things such as job hunting, online dating, and more

You’ve got this. We’ve got your back.

Kickstartology Matters

Reset Lab Action

Guidance & Clarity

Concrete methods to help you cut through the noise and identify what you want, how to get into action, and how to get out of your own way, as well as providing on-going feedback, support, accountability, and encouragement.
Coaching for Inspiration

Ignite Inspiration

The Alignment Framework tools are rooted in neuroscience. Find out how using your imagination and innate creativity to ignite the spark of inspiration within you will help you get energized and reconnect to yourself.

Vision and Goals

Vision & Goals

Learn to sculpt a clear path forward based on what motivates you and where you are today. Let’s crystallize your vision and start turning it into tangible, achievable long-term and short-term goals that make sense for you.

Coaching for Habits


Prioritizing the right habits and building consistency creates a solid foundation for your personal and professional growth. Learn to trust yourself to follow through without relying on willpower or motivation.

Coaching for Confidence

Self-Image and Confidence

Practical and proven mindset tools to help you develop a stronger self-perception and build the confidence to face your fears, overcome limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome, and make confident decisions.

Alignment Coaching Services for Women

A Well-Managed Mind

Grow your resilience and bring more peace and ease into your daily life with Alignment Coaching. Calm your inner drama-queen, stop catastrophizing in your head, and learn to better navigate uncertainty and handle the inevitable ups and downs.

Kickstartology Coaching

“I used to deliberate endlessly, but now I take action and make things happen.

- Danielle Wintrip

“I used to build my whole life around work but now I'm building a whole life.

- Lauren O'Donnell

“I used to be someone who didn't have a morning routine but now I'm the type of person who makes their bed, washes their face, and makes pour-over coffee.

- Emilie Begin

“I used to be someone who didn’t realize I had become uncomfortable in my comfort zone. Now I’m focusing on the things I love and learning how to blow my own mind.

- Hanna Wheeler

“I used to be someone who procrastinates, but now I'm the type of person who lets her passion and curiosity drive her.”

- Emily Graves

"I used to be someone who was on auto-pilot, but now I'm the type of person who writes my own story."

- Melonie De Guzman

“I used to be someone who sought external validation, but now I'm the type of person who seeks feedback and takes responsibility for my own sense of worth.”

- Guinevere Orvis

“I used to be someone who needed absolute certainty before making any move. But now I'm the type of person who takes meaningful steps toward the things I want, even though I can't predict the outcome.”

- Angelina Lee

"I used to be someone who was depressed and anxious about my life. Now I'm someone who chats up everybody and tries new things."

- Andrea Pilati

"I used to be someone who thought this was as good as it gets, but now I'm the type of person who understands how to make positive and lasting changes."

- Joanne Acri

“I used to be someone who felt stuck, but now I'm the type of person who does stuff.”

- Precious Chong

"I used to be someone who let the pancake flip me, and now I am a prodigious pancake flipper."

- Kate Musgrove

"I used to be someone who didn’t know my worth, and now I am someone who knows I’m worthy of success."

- Emily Dwyer

"I used to be a person who was scared of change but now I'm the type of person who leans into it"

- Verna Kulish

"I used to be someone who was afraid to do ambiguous and unknown things, but now I'm the type of person who jumps in and asks, 'What's next?!'"

- Shannon Patterson

"I used to be someone who feared new challenges (a perfectionist at heart), but now I'm the type of person who "figures" things out."

- Sukeina Jethabhai

"I used to be someone who cared a lot about what other people thought. Now I'm someone who still cares a lot about what other people think, but knows how to make choices based on my own needs."

- Nadine Thornhill

"I used to be someone who believed people pleasing was a strong leadership approach but now I'm the type of person who prioritizes my own growth, boundaries, and success."

- Amanda Munday

“I used to be someone who didn’t believe in possibility but now I’m the type of person who says why the fuck not.”

- Carolyn Grisold

"I used to be someone who defined herself by her career and had no time or energy for self-improvement, but now I'm the type of person who puts personal growth first."

- Lisa Murphy

"I used to be someone who stewed in my own brew of negative thoughts and emotions, but now I’m the type of person who knows I can control my thoughts, and change them!"

-Natalia Lobach

Client Spotlight & Testimonials >>> 

Master Alignment Coach - SJM - 1

Stephanie J. Marshall

Master Alignment Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

Read full bio here.

The Kickstartology online group coaching program is about living with intention, and creating a purpose-driven life that aligns with your values and desires.


  • Alignment Framework module videos
  • Access to weekly live group coaching calls
  • Personal guidance and support
  • Weekly accountability
  • Comprehensive Alignment Framework workbook
  • Immediate access to the member portal with bonus content on a variety of topics
  • Access to one-on-one coaching check-ins
  • Private Facebook group only for the current participants
  • Fantastic community of women

The Alignment Framework:

We recognize that everyone is different and the details of your life matter. The Alignment Framework used in the online group coaching program takes the best from mindset coaching, life coaching, and behavioural psychology to meet you where you are and give you a solid starting point.

At Kickstartology it’s like having a life coach and a mindset coach at the ready. The program integrates:

  • Finding clarity on what’s next
  • Learning to make decisions quickly and confidently
  • Following through for yourself consistently
  • Creating habits that will serve you in the long run
  • Creating consistency and self-trust
  • Building your confidence and leadership skills
  • Eliminating self-doubt and overwhelm
  • Overcoming procrastination and overwhelm
  • Dealing with new problems because you are bored or frustrated with your current problems

*And if you are curious, open-minded, willing to go out of your comfort zone, and not a jerk

Alignment Through Life Coaching and Mindset Coaching

Life Coaching is primarily about alignment.

Learning to approach your life with alignment isn’t complicated, and it isn’t about adding more work, but it does require consistent attention, deliberate effort, and the right tools.

This is where group coaching can make the process easier, faster, and more fun!

How well do the following align with who you want to be and how you want to live?

  • The things you do every day and the way you do them
  • The things you don’t do consistently
  • The places you spend your time
  • The people you spend the most time with (yes, colleagues count)
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your health and energy levels

Do you catch yourself saying either of these to yourself?


“As soon as …”
“I just need to …” 


Those sentences are a trap. Many people get stuck in a perpetual state of thinking that what they want is just out of reach until they change that one thing that they haven’t gotten around to yet.

Here’s the thing: People living the life they really want aren’t master planners who have done everything perfectly up until this point. They need sleep like the rest of us. They also have to work on discipline, self-confidence, and dealing with everyday chaos. But their approach is different and alignment is the key.

Inspiration – Clarity – Transformation – Peace – Fun – Energy – Confidence – Resilience – Momentum


What is Online Group Coaching?

Every online group coaching program is different, but they all typically include live group coaching sessions led by a coach (stating the obvious here). Although participants may share ideas and experiences with each other, the coaching is done by the coach leading the session. In online group coaching, we use real-life examples from the lives of the group members as a base to deepen the understanding of the coaching concepts and tools.

Online group coaching teaches you how to self-coach, so you build the habit of using the Kickstartology Alignment Framework and tools in your day-to-day to create phenomenal results.

What gets faster results? One-on-One Coaching or Online Group Coaching?

The group coaching program is set up to benefit everyone and facilitate bigger results, faster. Part of this is because although we are all wired to experience some natural resistance when confronted with change, when we see others going through something similar we do not have that resistance blocking our understanding. That’s why getting to the “Holy shit I get it, I do that” is faster.

This allows you to access change at turbo speed, with the group holding each other accountable.

The unexpected network of like-minded women seeking life change also provides many members with opportunities and contacts they might not have accessed if not for the program.

I’ve experienced a noticeable shift in how I approach challenges and have incorporated a variety of creative problem-solving strategies learned in the coaching program to move through my blocks. Stephanie is fiercely dedicated to and 100% engaged in supporting my success and to ensure I stay on track and accountable to myself above all else.
The community of women in the program are intelligent, supportive, kind and real. I feel safe and comfortable sharing with the group knowing that everyone champions one another’s successes. I would highly recommend the program to any woman who is ready to up-level her life in all areas but isn’t sure how to begin.

Liz Fox


When I started in the Kickstartology program I was tired. I joined because I knew I wanted to grow my company and had lots of success driven goals, and tireless ambition, but it felt impossible to do what I wanted to do alongside of parenting, finalizing a divorce, and navigating a pandemic as a small business owner.
The week I ended the coaching program I leased my dream car. Getting a shiny new car was never a topline goal, but it was an unintended bonus of reaching the business milestones I thought were in some distant future, if ever. I’m dating with a more open heart and willingness to be vulnerable and accept love, I have not one but three new locations on the horizon, and I completely sold out my summer roaster, nailing cash flow positivity in my first month after 8 months fo lockdown. My second location is set to open October 1 2021. I achieved these things because I stuck to the program, one that helped me understand who I am and where I can get stuck. And while I had moments of toddler-like meltdowns, in general, it wasn’t too difficult.
You’re good at what you both do.

Every time I attend one of the Kickstartology group sessions, I learn about another tool that I can use to help me break through my own limiting beliefs. Stephanie and Nadine are a perfectly imperfect pair who have combined both science and intuition into every lesson. By showing up and putting in the work, I am confident that my actions are in line with my goals.

Melanie de Guzman

Project Manager

Most people don’t ever take the leap because they are always too busy, too tired, or waiting for something to change before they begin.


…Ironicaly, Coaching is the best decision if you want to have time for what matters, feel energized, and find out what’s possible!

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