leading your team through change

Leading Your Team Through Change

*Even if you aren’t the “Leader”

October 21st
7:00pm-9:00pm ET
Zoom-ed direct to you

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Who Should Join Us?
Professionals who are tasked with leading change in their workplace or are impacted by changes put upon them in the workplace. Those who want to learn what’s on the forefront of change management thinking and learn how to integrate frameworks from the world of coaching to expand their toolkit.

Stephanie J. Marshall

Stephanie J. Marshall

Alignment Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

Managing change is hard. Why? For starters:
  • People don’t like being told what to do and you can’t control other people (as annoying as that can be).
  • Our brains are literally wired to resist change.
  • People do not respond to information like rational robots.
  • What’s good for the team/organization isn’t always good for the individual.

A lot of change management theory glosses over those inconvenient facts, but what if you dove into them? Change Management Leader Natalia Lobach has created a framework that addresses the human factor. 

Learn how change management and personal coaching intersect to create positive change experiences and make you a more effective leader.

Join expert Alignment Coach Stephanie J. Marshall from Kickstartology, and Natalia Lobach, principal, Charthouse Advisory Services for a special online workshop.

In this workshop we will explore:


What the “big four” change consultants often miss.


The assumptions leaders make about change.
* hint: during big change, the most important person on your team is not who might think.


How influence is a more powerful tool than authority in change leadership.


How leading change and leading yourself intersect and are critical for success. Learn top personal coaching hacks that will help you lead through an environment of uncertainty.

Natalia Lobach

Natalia Lobach

Founder and Principal consultant at Charthouse Advisory Services

Natalia has 20 years of experience in various industries globally including Healthcare,  Manufacturing, Financial Services, Public Services and Scientific Discovery & Innovation.  She has advised executives and CEOs to successfully implement strategy and manage change.  She is adept at taking strategy as an output of board governance and turning it into results in organizations by building structure, mobilizing people and helping leaders successfully manage change.  Natalia focuses on the whole change journey, from helping organizations plan for change, implement change and recover from planned or unexpected changes.  Natalia has a Master of Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Studies from the University of Waterloo.

Natalia developed the Connected Change methodology, an approach for change management that harnesses the personal and political networks that can enable or undermine change.  Connected Change ignites these networks to enable people to take leadership in the change process and deliver exceptional results.  Natalia has applied this methodology to complex changes in organizations and successfully implemented large change efforts as a result.

Natalia founded Charthouse Advisory Services in 2019 to serve the needs of leaders and teams who need assistance in managing complex implementations.  Many organizations struggle to implement strategic plans and mobilize around new objectives which leads to results not being achieved.  Charthouse seeks to catalyze the implementation of strategy and the changes that result. We strive to deliver exceptional value by helping organizations and teams achieve their results more quickly.

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