Storytelling Coach Nadine Araksi

Nadine Araksi Silverthorne Life Coach

Nadine Araksi

Storytelling coach Nadine Araksi (formerly Silverthorne) has spent two decades creating click-worthy content, publishing personal essays and writing researched service journalism for some of Canada’s biggest media brands. She’s a curious, creative, people-person who has a passion for storytelling on any platform. She spends her days leading teams to greatness through a collaborative, compassionate and transparent approach to leadership. She dreams of writing the truest sentence possible to convey an experience and retiring in Spain with a future Corgi dog someday. An active community volunteer, Nadine wants imagination to win out over cynicism and strives to always walk the talk.

After navigating her youngest child’s rare disease and subsequent hospitalization in 2013, followed by the breakup of her marriage in 2017, Nadine found solace in the communities and friendships she had cultivated over the years. Her current focus is on mental and physical well-being and helping women avoid burnout and move through the stories that keep them stuck. Nadine hopes to share her experiences of moving from darkness to light with courage, kindness, and gratitude with those who are ready to listen and use them as a catapult for their own journeys.