If you think you’re too busy, too tired, or if you always find a few things that need to get done before being ready for online dating

Why Do This?

Do you really like the idea of being in a healthy and fun relationship, but aren’t keep on online dating even though you’ve seen it work for others? Do you dread online dating so much that you push off thinking about relationships? Wondering where to even start swiping?

What if it was easier? 

Join expert Alignment Coach Stephanie J. Marshall and Nadine Silverthorne, Storytelling Coach from Toronto-based Kickstartology Coaching.

Get comfy, grab a drink and bring a notebook and a pen as we take you through the Kickstartology Alignment Framework and work through the following:

  • Are you doing it wrong?
  • What is keeping you from finding what you want?
  • Are your deal breakers too rigid?
  • Do you have any limiting beliefs getting in your way?
  • How to keep from obsessing when you don’t know what’s going on
  • How to use dating to figure out what you want in a relationship
  • How to keep the apps and the prospects from taking over your life
  • Identifying red flags and determining what they mean
  • How to move from stress and fear into having a blast
  • What can make online dating fun and easy instead of an annoyance?

Spring is here and it’s a busy time for online dating!

Fun fact: Steph met her current partner indirectly through someone she met online dating, Nadine met hers on the app Hinge during Lockdown #1 (and didn’t meet in person for weeks).

While online dating has its downsides, it’s the quickest way to get to a large number of available singles. Used strategically, dating apps can lead to incredible relationships. And we want to show you how to make it work for you… without getting sucked into the b.s. and the ups and downs.


Commit to yourself NOW!








Stephanie J. Marshall

Stephanie J. Marshall

Alignment Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

Nadine Araksi Silverthorne

Nadine Araksi Silverthorne

Storytelling Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

Kickstartology will help you to hone in on what you really want to be/accomplish and then offer the steps required to obtain the habits and mindsets to do so. All in a no-bullshit, totally supportive and fun environment 🙂


I’m already starting to engage more sincerely with people, whereas before I had one foot in and one foot out, and I think that hesitancy was preventing me from taking the chance on making a meaningful connection.


Stephanie and Nadine at Kickstartology offer a brilliant blend of neuroscience-based mindset work and been-there warmth and support. Workshops typically include encouraging experts, thought-provoking homework and smart participants with valuable insights and experiences to share.


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