Your Day-to-Day is Revealing

Ask Yourself:

If someone had a videotape of the last 24 hours of your life, what assumptions would they make?

What might they assume about your mood, your character, and your attitude? What might they conclude about the trajectory you are on?

And how does this align with how you want to show up what you want to move towards?

Remember, we’re not aiming for perfection because perfection is an impossible ideal. But if you ask yourself these questions over the course of a week two things will be revealed:

  1. The alignment between where you are and now and what you want.
  2. The gaps between where you are and now and what you want.

Decide What’s Next

In coaching, both are equally important. We look at the long-term, short-term, big-picture, and we get right in the weeds. We practice consistently assessing where we are without judgment in order to collect new data and decide what’s next.

The Kickstartology Alignment Coaching Program is about tying together the day-to-day decisions with our long-term ideals.

We take you through our framework and teach you to use practical mindset tools in order to get out of your head (and out of your own way) so that you can get to the really good stuff much faster than you would on your own just using trial and error. We help you commit to yourself as you figure out what you want to prioritize and uncover the goals and habits that are right for you. 

Change is never linear and never a straight line, but when you know the direction you want to head in, and you have committed to your results, it’s definitely more motivating and energizing, and easier to stay on track. 

And it’s more fun than doing it on your own.

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