When Catastrophizing is a Habit

Why do you always go to the worst-case scenario?

It’s stressful, it’s exhausting, and it makes you feel like a negative person even though you don’t think of yourself as a pessimist, you’re just realistic right?

If you’re a natural catastrophizer, you think that expecting the worst-case scenario is the responsible thing to do because you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

But the problem is, this works against you.

Now, denial doesn’t work either, so I’m not advocating blind optimism.

But stop ASSUMING the worst-case scenario is the most likely.

Three Reasons Why Worst-Case Scenario Thinking Hurts You:

1. Pessimism isn’t realistic. The most likely scenario is usually somewhere in between the best case and the worst case scenario.

2. You can survive disappointment. But the more you assume you will be and worry about it, the less you will be able to enjoy life because you will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop. Over time this will become your personality. On the other hand, hope feels so good. Why don’t you want to get your hopes up?

3. The stress of catastrophizing limits curiosity and creativity. But optimism is tied to resilience and grit. The more you emotionally engage with hope and wanting the best outcome, the more likely you are to be determined to do everything in your power to make it happen.

You Can Change This

The good news is that if you’ve built the habit of catastrophizing, you can shift your mindset.

If this is the shift you’re looking for, I can help. In Kickstartology Coaching we teach you to use the Alignment Framework to get out of your head and identify where your mindset is working for you and where it isn’t. And then you learn how to intentionally redirect your thinking. It feels uncomfortable at first but it’s a game changer that will leave you feeling more energized, more relaxed, and still like yourself, but lighter.

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