The Last Piece of the Puzzle

“My life is great, except for this one thing that I need to figure out _____.”

I hear that a lot from my clients.

When I was 20 I read somewhere that you could have an incredible and rewarding career, an amazing partner, and be in really good shape, but never all at once.

For many years as I went through the ups and downs of life it felt true. I had all three here and there, but never all at once.

And today, that dissatisfaction with one piece of their life is something that many women bring into Kickstartology to solve. They feel frustrated, and often irritated with themselves because they have figured out everything else, so why not this?

They feel like as soon as they get past this last hurdle, it’s all going to be where they want it to be.

Context is Everything

The real problem is that in the big picture of our life, there is no finish line, no “done”. The different parts of our lives are continuously evolving and influencing each other. The last piece is going to have to be examined and reimagined within the context of everything else.

Change in one part of your life will mean change elsewhere, and it’s easy to get accidentally stuck because we are trying to keep things as they are. We feel in control that way, even though intellectually we understand that things change over time.

As adults, we underestimate how much we continue to change. We always think that in 10 years we will generally have the same friends, favourite places, musical tastes, etc. but these things tend to shift over time.

In Kickstartology we learn to examine our life through a lens that incorporates this ongoing inevitable (and to a certain extent unpredictable) evolution. Once we take this approach it’s easier to see the details of our life within the larger context. It’s easier to identify what we really want in order to feel satisfied and fulfilled, and know where to take action and get the ball rolling.

Finding Certainty

And once you have these tools, you will have the confidence that comes from knowing that you are in the right place, and you like where things are going. You will feel comfortable knowing that things change and let go of trying to control the uncontrollable. You will have the ease that only comes from knowing that living for right now is better than focusing on the finish line.

You can have all three at once.

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