How I Lost Over 10 Pounds with the Alignment Framework

And what it means for you if you’re planning to uplevel anything this fall

Mindset shifts take a little while to set in, it isn’t instant gratification. One of our clients that started just over a month ago sent me the following today:

“I feel so good because of this coaching. You can quote me on this. I used to have questions, now I have answers.”

I Took it Down a Notch

I was bored of complaining about the post-pandemic tight jeans. In May I committed to using the Alignment Framework and Kickstartology tools for 30 days on my sugar habit. I didn’t set any goals or rules for myself the way I usually do when I want to change something (which took restraint), I stuck to only a deep dive exploration.

This exploration is what got my thoughts percolating, the conscious ones and the subconscious. I started considering and adopting completely new perspectives, and a month later I started organically experimenting with making different decisions. This resulted in even more data to consider, and I soon started seeing a difference in how the jeans were fitting. And things snowballed from there. It’s been relatively easy and very enlightening.

Speed Greed & Forcing Change

In the past, I wasn’t willing to take my time. I wanted fast results and I kept trying to set really hard rules for myself. It never lasted.

Wanting Fast Results

It’s absolutely normal to want results fast. But when we try to force immediate change it often backfires because of one of two things:
1. Relying on motivation and excitement, neither of which is sustainable long term.
2. Focusing on escaping what we want to change instead of understanding what we are creating

The Brutally Honest Assessment

One of the components of lasting intentional change is doing an honest assessment of where we are starting from. Sounds obvious, but people gloss over this step all the time. It can be uncomfortable and bring about a lot of self-judgement, which is why some people cover their eyes and jump ahead to just try to change their behaviour.

Speed greed and forcing change are the best way to create only temporary change and to build the habit of not following through for yourself.

Acceptance & Curiosity

There’s nuance in mindset work, and the Alignment Coaching program makes it easy to catch ourselves and see exactly what’s going on. I struggled with “speed greed” in the past and working on finding the patience for the brutally honest assessment had a much bigger impact than I expected.

And that’s the thing about mindset work until you APPLY the tools to yourself in your specific situation, you are not going to understand precisely what needs to change in order for you to get the results you are looking for. You won’t know precisely what thoughts to work on to impact your actions. It’s not theoretical, it requires more than an intellectual understanding. Kind of like doing pushups, you might understand exactly how to do 50 pushups right now, but it doesn’t mean you can.

The Alignment Framework is the easiest way to create the life you want for your body, soul, and mind. Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? Is it time for alignment?

You’re about to walk into the best fall of your life. Get ready for it.

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