By Nadine Araksi, Toronto-based Story Coach

Wednesdays are like Mondays in the middle of the week! –Lee Fox Williams

I got together with friends recently, and someone mentioned turning 45, to which I instantly responded, “Welcome to the Wednesday of Life!”

We laughed our heads off because when you think of this “hump day” metaphor, it’s pretty funny. Many of us struggle with Wednesdays. It’s the halfway point to the week, and we’re often thinking ahead to the weekend to come or back to the weekend that just was. I don’t know if it’s actually hard, or if we’ve just conditioned ourselves to believe it is. The same thing goes for mid-life.

As she processed what I’d said, my friend’s face fell a bit, so I quickly reframed it. “Hey! Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday tend to be the most fun days of the week!”

“Oh well, when you put it like that, there’s a lot to look forward to! Plus Tuesday was pretty good to me, so let’s see what’s next!”

Many of us get to the Wednesday of the week (or of life!) and we may take a pause to look around. While dates and timelines are arbitrary (ever ask a tree what time it is?), they can help to orient us as humans in terms of checking in on plans and evaluating where we’re at. Did I move towards my goals? Am I living the life I had imagined for myself? What’s coming up that I’m excited about? Or my personal favourite, “So what now?” 

The truth is that Wednesday has just as much possibility as Monday or Saturday; it’s all in what we make of the day. Thinking about where you are vs. where you might want to be can be overwhelming, of course. If I’m using “the Wednesday of life” example, some of us enjoy planning weekends and trips, and others get anxious at the thought.

But imagine you had two smart and hilarious coaches, plus a community of caring women, behind you, cheering you on and helping you figure out what you could kickstart in the next six months? What if you had regular accountability checkpoints to keep you going towards making something happen? What if it was easy?

We’ve got you! Whether you want to kickstart what’s next, get over that hump or find your spark again, come see us at our next Reset Lab. Get a sense of what we do best and let us guide you from boredom into action at our week-long mini intro program! It’s not too late to reserve a spot that could change your life.

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