Are you wasting time in indecision?

Are you thinking about it? How do you know if Kickstartology Coaching is right for you?

You want to make smart decisions because you don’t have unlimited time or money. And before you commit to something, you want to be sure that you’re going to follow through on it and that it will work.

You think you should do more research, but where do you start? There are infinite options out there: Thousands of coaches, millions of courses, therapy, the self-help section at the bookstore, and you could always just talk to your friends. What do you even Google? Maybe you need to make a plan and figure out exactly what you want so that you can research all of the options and figure out the right solution.

The problem is, if you go down this route, making a decision on how to go about changing your life takes longer than actually changing your life. And there is still no guarantee that you will make the right decision.

We Want to make the “right” decision

We do this sort of thing because we crave safety, and doing research and planning feels safe. When we can’t see into the future to get a guarantee, making a decision does NOT feel safe. So more planning or research is a great way to put off making the real decision.

People have wasted years of their lives in indecision because they have convinced themselves that taking any action without thoroughly researching every other available option to the fullest extent possible is reckless.*

But ask yourself this: Is there a specific piece of information that will give you complete certainty, or are you just gathering information because you don’t want to feel the discomfort of jumping into the unknown?

Making New Decisions is Uncomfortable

Because this self-help and life improvement thing feels uncomfortable, no matter what process you use. But it gets easier. And this is something we work through in coaching. We practice trusting ourselves and making decisions with the information at hand based on the results we want to create, not based on how comfortable we feel about the things we can’t control. We focus on asking better questions and managing our minds. We aim to get into action faster in order to get more information and get to the next decision point sooner.

As we develop these skills, what happens is that we create more certainty, sooner. We save ourselves from spinning thoughts and unnecessary mind drama. We have so much more energy to put towards getting the results we want. It feels good.

It Gets Easier with Practice

So what if this works? In the best-case scenario, you could have precisely the results you want six months from now. In the worst-case scenario, you could have had these results, but instead, you are still trying to decide what will work for you.

You have the opportunity to get to the next decision point sooner. Book a consult call with me and ask the hard questions: Why will it work? Why will you follow through? What results can you expect? I will explain how the Kickstartology Program will apply to you and what we will work on. I will show you why your current approach is not working and how the process will lead you to different results.

You will get the information you need to feel certainty in your decision about coaching. You won’t get this certainty from just thinking and doing research. Let’s talk. Yes or no, it’s so much more relaxing once you’re on the other side of indecision.

*Coaching is very pro-questions and pro-information gathering, but to the extent that serves you.

P.S. Getting started and getting results can happen fast once you decide to commit to yourself.
Get out of your own way and get aligned with who you want to be and how you want to live with the support, guidance, and tools of Alignment Coaching.

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