Toronto Based Nadine Silverthorne and Stephanie J. Marshall

Toronto online life coaches Nadine and Stephanie met while working together for a large Candian media company in downtown Toronto. They got along but did not get to know each well. Years later when Stephanie had quit the corporate world and was launching her first coaching group for women she reached out to Nadine, having a hunch that she might be intrigued. They played message tag but luckily they spoke at 10:30 pm the night before the group was launching. Nadine signed up, a few months later they did an event together, and a few years later they launched Kickstartology together.

They are alike and also opposites. The perfect compliment to keep each other going towards their shared vision.

We are passionate about coaching and we live to watch our clients discover alignment and experience life-altering transformations.

We are so proud of the supportive, powerful, and inspiring community of women that we have built since we started this endevour.

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Stephanie J. Marshall - Life Coach

Nadine Araksi Silverthorne

“As a career writer and media personality, I know the power of stories and human connection. Through coaching I examine the stories we tell ourselves, which ones keep us stuck and which ones change lives for the better.”

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Stephanie J. Marshall

“I came to coaching because I didn’t want to spend my life driving shareholder value and at the end of the day what I really care about is the humans.”

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