Breaking the Pattern Once and for All

“OMG it’s so much easier now, I didn’t believe it was possible”

That’s one of my favourite things I hear from clients, especially the ones who come to me exhausted and ready to try something, but also a little bit (or a lot) skeptical.

When you’re tired of feeling tired you start checking out. You just want to escape. And when you think of trying to take care of yourself, it just makes you more tired because you immediately remember everything you need to do before you can finally relax without work stress or guilt because you’re letting someone down.

Podcasts and articles keep offering solutions that look good on paper and probably work for most people, but not for your specific life, or the way your brain works. And it’s frustrating because you do want to change.

I’ve been there. It sucks. But the only way out is to break the pattern. You can wait until something happens to break the pattern for you, like losing your job or winning the lottery, or you can decide that you don’t want to wait and start now.

The first step is to decide that how you feel matters, and hold on to this decision. From this place you can learn how to stop chasing your to-do list and judging yourself based on what you have done and still haven’t done. You can make decisions that align with how you want to live your life and follow through for yourself.

Why This Will Work For You

And I know you, right now you are probably coming up with 10 reasons why this won’t apply to you or why it’s not the right time. But if you’re tired of feeling tired, this is for you.

The cool thing about the Kickstartology Alignment Framework is that we show you how to plug YOUR life into it in order to figure out what solution will work for you specifically right now. It’s simple. And then we help you execute.

So that in those moments that feel out of control, when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, you will have a tool that helps you break out of that without just adding to the stress.

What Can You Expect When You Break the Pattern

You will have time for everything without short-changing any part of your life.

If you want to start breaking the patterns and want to get there faster, let’s have a conversation for you to discover if coaching is the right fit for your needs. Schedule a free call here.


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