Justifiable Procrastination

Are you choosing the relief of procrastination or the ease of being decided?

Do you want to commit to living a life that leaves you feel satisfied and fulfilled? This is the perfect time to start a coaching program to get started on that. But the thing is, this is also the perfect time of year to procrastinate. I say that not knowing when you are reading this because people can always come up with really good reasons when they want to procrastinate deciding because it can be scary to jump into the unknown. 

So what are you putting off?

  • Figuring out how you can have a career that thrills you more and makes more money and also allows you to have a life?
  • Spending more time with people you like doing things you want to do?
  • Decluttering your home so that it feels amazing when you walk in?
  • A fulfilling relationship… either improving the one you’re in, finding one, or …upgrading?
  • Taking care of yourself so that you have more energy to do the good stuff and hopefully live longer?
  • Figuring out what will make you feel satisfied and fulfilled?

If you put it off with the good intentions to do it in a few months, you’re almost certainly going to want to put it off again then. When “later” comes your good intentions will feel like a huge commitment and you will want to renegotiate with yourself. Fortunately, there are always reasons to put it off when you use procrastination logic

Unfortunately, procrastination logic is going to keep you stuck forever in the same pattern.

The Easier Way – Comfortable Decision-Making

You could decide and commit now, even if what you are committing to is starting in a few months. 

This will save you time and effort. If you make the effort to commit now you will have to give up the temporary relief of procrastination, but you won’t have to deal with postponed stress and renegotiation in a few months.

Deciding now to commit to yourself in a few months will give you time to double down on your decision and strengthen your determination. You will have percolating time for new ideas. you will have figured out how to make things fit. You will be looking forward to jumping into it when the time comes.

Deciding now to join Kickstartology Coaching in a few months will make your commitment to yourself official, more than just an “I’m going to try hard later”. You won’t be relying on motivation or willpower that may not show up.

Making a decision now on coaching later may be uncomfortable because you aren’t in the headspace to think about time and money for something in the future, but putting it off just delays discomfort and slows down getting the results you’re after.

Being Decided Feels Good

There is no pause button. This is your life and if you’re not living it the way you want, it matters. Kickstartology Coaching is here to help you get out of your own way and get there faster. There’s a solution for whatever is not working for you, and 2023 could be the best year of your life.

Make the leap now and take some time to look forward to figuring out what’s possible with Kickstartology.

Book a call to find out everything you need to know to make a comfortable decision today.


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