Choosing the Terror over Safety

At 6:55pm on Saturday night, I was the most terrified I’ve been in a long time.

I was about to step on stage to perform seven minutes of new stand-up material including some edgier jokes that I had just finished tightening up (after some good feedback from my amazing teacher Precious Chong who had originally suggested cutting the bit, but supported my decision to go for it).

I’m fairly new to standup comedy so I was willing to risk bombing on stage to find out if I could pull it off because experience is the fastest way to learn and improve.

This applies to everything, your career, your relationships, finding out what you want and figuring out what works… all of the good stuff. Playing it safe is the slowest way to learn and it keeps you from finding out what you’re capable of achieving.

Feeling Safe vs. Actual Safety

Here’s the thing: When people are “playing it safe” it’s rarely about actual safety, it’s about “feeling” safe. There’s a HUGE difference. People go to great lengths to avoid the risk of failure or the judgement of others in the name of “playing it safe” but failing and judgement aren’t inherently unsafe, they just feel shitty (temporarily).

What if playing it safe is what’s truly reckless because it’s keeping you stuck and far away from everything you want?

The things you want the most might be hiding just on the other side of a little failure and judgment.

We Help You Take the First Step

In the Kickstartology Coaching Program we show you how to get out of your own way so that you are making decisions in service to yourself, and not out of fear (or the avoidance of temporarily feeling shitty).

We help you take the first step from wherever you are right now to make sure you’re on the path that you really want to be on. And we show you how to get more comfortable with the inevitable ups and downs and bullshit along the way.

You’re curious, right? You’re wondering if it would work for you? Let’s have a conversation.

P.S. Find out how to work with me if you're ready to break the patterns keeping you stuck and get out of your own way: Let's talk.

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