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Are you ready for a new approach?

Kickstartolgy exists to help people create the amazing life that deep down they know they are capable of.

Life Coach Toronto Women

Have you ever really dug into what’s possible?

We help people get past what’s holding them back and support them as they dive into action and create a life aligned with their values, passion, and desires.

How life coaching can help:

  • Get unstuck
  • Manage a transition in your career or personal life
  • Moving beyond your limiting beliefs
  • Gaining clarity with what you want short term and long term
  • Creating the right habits to keep you moving towards what you want
  • Identifying possibilities and opportunities
  • Developing your self-image and confidence
  • Improving your decision making
  • Identifying hidden obstacles
  • Mindset training
  • Accountability

*What is a life coach?

Find out about our programs and coaching:

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What’s between you and the life you really want?

Are you spending more time thinking about what you don’t like in your life or what you would like to have in your life?

Often people don’t have the time or don’t give themselves permission to think about what they would love to have in their life. It’s easy to fall into the trap of limiting yourself by not taking the time to examine what is actually possible.

Are you bored with your current problems?

You can make the decision to stop settling. There is an easier way and it doesn’t include overwhelm and exhaustion. We believe in human connection, listening, and using the growing body of evidence-based research to facilitate our client’s success.

So how does coaching work?

Book a conversation with Life Coach Stephanie Marshall to dive into your specific situation, discuss the program options, and discover what working with a coach would entail. As well as assess the fit with us. We have one-on-one as well as group coaching options.

Book: Calendly Booking
*No pressure, and at the end of the call, you will have clarity surrounding your obstacles and next steps.

Master Storyteller Nadine Araksi Silverthorne (left) and Transformation Life Coach Stephanie J. Marshall. 

Women-Owned and Led

Kickstartlogy Coaching & Workshops is owned and led by Toronto based Stephanie J. Marshall and Nadine Araksi Silverthorne.

Read more about us.

Listen to a podcast interview with Stephanie

Listen to a podcast interview with Nadine

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Online Group Coaching

Group Life Coaching for women. Get unstuck. Create clarity around what you want and what’s in your way, and hack your habits and mindset in order to get past what’s standing in your way. This is an online live coaching program for women, led by Toronto Life Coach Stephanie J. Marshall.

Career Mindset Reset

If you want to change your career situation in the next six months this is for you. Prioritize yourself and commit to exploring the possibilities and making a plan. Come out inspired and motivated to take action.

Online Workshops

Live online workshops. Themes include habits, mindset, goal setting, and limiting beliefs. Our workshops provide frameworks and tools to simplify the process of creating change.

Creating a Vision to Anchor You

Creating a Vision to Anchor You

Nadine's Take on Creating a Vision to Anchor You Lockdown like Mat Leave? I've heard some people say that this stay-at-home business feels a bit like a maternity leave. You feel trapped. There's so much you want to do but you can't leave the house. You're bored as...

Alignment Coaching Defined

Alignment Coaching Defined

“Life Coach” doesn’t sit right as a label. I love using specific words to explain complex concepts and I don’t think that “Life Coach” translates accurately enough in people’s minds. It’s about as specific as saying “I’m a manager” or “I’m in digital”. I use the term...

The Motivation on Demand Fantasy

The Motivation on Demand Fantasy

Motivation Can't be Planned and Scheduled I wish I could plan my motivation and schedule it. Who else is motivated when making plans but no so much when it comes time to follow through?  Should you be doing something else right now? Is reading this really the thing...

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