What Group Life Coaching Actually Is

Many people think of a client/life coach relationship as a one-on-one scenario. While we love talking to clients one-on-one, we are extremely passionate about our Kickstartology Online Group Life Coaching for Women program. Here are ten things you might not know about our Group Life Coaching program.

1. You can do it from anywhere.
While Kickstartology Life Coaches are based in Toronto, our clients can log in from across the globe.

2. It’s rooted in science.
The online group life coaching program has components that are derived from the latest research and multiple disciplines. Examples include psychology, organizational psychology, NLP, behavioural sciences, change management, coaching, and neuroplasticity.

3. It includes private one-on-one coaching sessions.
As a Kickstartology client, you get monthly one-on-one coaching sessions in addition to the group sessions.

4. No forced sharing.
We don’t force anyone to share deep dark secrets or sing. However you may find yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone because that’s a part of growth and doing new things. Kickstartology is a safe space.

5. Extra accountability.
The coaching group has multiple touchpoints throughout each week, which can serve as an extra layer of accountability.

6. Really great women.
Kickstartology Coaching attracts such an inspiring, diverse and interesting group of women. It’s an ideal way to avoid superficial networking events but build your network. We do regular mastermind activities. Imagine having the resources of so many incredible minds available to you. Our group has helped each other solve business or family problems, launch products, find fulfilling jobs, and even find new romantic partners! Our clients include entrepreneurs, artists, executives and professionals from a wide array of industries, and some women who are in-between opportunities. No jerks allowed.

7. Homework.
There is homework. Think of it this way, if you had a personal trainer for your body but you didn’t move your body between sessions, how would that impact your progress? Exactly.

8. We go deep.
It’s deep work done lightly. It requires effort and sometimes we hit on the stuff that matters, but we laugh a lot, too. Connecting to what you want daily is key to your success. Read more about the benefits of a clear vision here>

9. No judging.
It’s a judgement-free supportive zone. We especially emphasize that you need to be kind, compassionate, and judgement-free when it comes to looking at yourself.

10. Guaranteed results.
FACT: If you do the work you will get results and your life will change.

Are you ready to stop settling? Get in touch, we are happy to discuss if this is a good fit for you!

Curious About Coaching?

If you aren't sure, a conversation will be the fastest way for you to determine definitively if this is right for you right now. We can discuss what we would work on, how we would approach it, and what that would look like specifically for you.

Online group coaching, one-on-one alignment life coaching and focused mindset programs available.

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