By Nadine Araksi, Toronto-based Story Coach

I Was a Client First

I started as a client of Kickstartology’s Online Group Coaching for Women program over two years ago. At this time Stephanie J. Marshall was coaching on her own as Plaid Paddle.

Stephanie, a former corporate media business colleague, contacted me over LinkedIn to say “I’m working on a thing that I think you might like”.

We ended up chatting on the phone at 10 PM on a Sunday, and she explained that she was starting an online group coaching for women program for select women. Would I like to join? “Sure,” I responded, intrigued, “When does it start?”

“Tomorrow morning at 6:45 AM.”

(Don’t panic, we now have evening sessions!)

“Uhhh…” Mornings were not my strong suit. In fact, I typically referred to myself as a Night Owl and “not a morning person.” Nervous, but curious, I apprehensively said yes. I’d been looking for a change in my life, with the company I worked for in the midst of transition. I was on a kick of saying yes to opportunities that appeared, even if they were scary. What might happen if I said yes to an online group program for life coaching?

Those first lessons and discussions lead to us running our first Kickstart workshop. Soon after, I joined Steph in co-founding and running Kickstartology Coaching, with a focus on online group coaching, workshops, and events. It brings together the best of life coaching, mindset coaching, and alignment coaching. With these tools, you can tackle anything from career to relationships.

We are on the eighth round of the program and I am amazed by what I learn each time. Here are five of my favourite takeaways from Kickstartology’s Online Group Coaching for Women.

1. Online Group Coaching is FUN!

Who doesn’t like to have fun? I now have a network of like-minded women who are all over the planet, who come from all walks of life, who have improved or completely changed their lives, jobs, relationships, health, approach to living! Laughing and exploring the material as a collective makes me look forward to our weekly connection points or chats on social media. Because in Kickstartology there are no mistakes, only data points, I have learned to see every experience as a pathway into a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. Approaching life with this curiosity has made every day a lively, conscious adventure, even when shit goes sideways.

 2. The Kickstartology Community is the best inspiration

My past experiences with coaching had always been 1:1, so I had no clue what to expect from group coaching. I was thrilled to find a supportive group of women in the online program. Many of the women in Kickstartology share their relatable experiences (some stay quiet and that’s OK, too), I find that I learn from everyone, not only those whose lives most resemble mine. I discovered I was not alone in my low-value thoughts, stories and the habits that were keeping me stuck! The general sense of cheering each other on, plus the accountability factor, has created friendships, a network and a comradery that I would otherwise never have had. It’s my favourite thing about the group coaching program, hands down. (You can check out our free Kickstartology Community on Facebook, here.)

 3. Kickstartology online group coaching for women is flexible

I’m a busy, single mom who sometimes has things come up. Sometimes excuses are really the habit of flaking out on yourself and your commitments, but the program has backups. Knowing there are three group touchpoint options a week, plus recordings I could watch on my own time if I couldn’t make it, made it easier to commit to Kickstartology.

 4. Consistency is key in group coaching programs

We joke that “this shit works,” but it’s true. Time and time again, I learn that doing what we call “thought work” regularly and consistently leads to faster results. Sometimes that means as little as 10 minutes a day. As a busy mom in a high-level career, I rarely took the time to think about myself and what I want, because I was always tending to the needs of others. Starting my day in this new way helps to ground me, prevent spinning thoughts and reduce stress.

 5. The Kickstartology Laws of Alignment are life-changing

I might seem biased, but my various journals and my Kickstartology workbook (found in the Coaching Store) have documented my progress since beginning the program. I am completely not the same person I was two years ago in terms of how I react to adversity. Alignment Law #1: “Focus more on what you want than what you don’t want” is a game-changer. It sounds simple, but there’s more to it, which we cover throughout the six-months. It’s not about denial either. I realized that I was spending so much time on negative thoughts about relationships and my job, that I wasn’t figuring out what I actually wanted! Alignment Law #2: “Don’t be an asshole to yourself” is another critical one. We have 11 or so, but those two seem to resonate with clients the most. We often end up in thought or habit loops that keep us from living our best lives. Having easy-to-remember laws is fun!

I could go on and on, but it’s best to experience Kickstartology for yourself. Sign up for one of our upcoming signature workshops, or request to join our Facebook Community to get in on the wonderful discussions that happen there. Ready to change your life today? Book a consult with Steph and find out more!

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