Do you know how many women waste years trying to convince themselves to be motivated before they finally admit to themselves that they are over it and open themselves up to something that does light them up?

If you were to believe everything you read on LinkedIn you might think that everyone is thrilled, proud, and inspired by their work and motivated to keep working towards the next achievement.

If your career ambition is feeling more like ambivalence it might feel like something has gone wrong.

I’ve seen so many people feel guilty, ashamed, or stressed out about not feeling motivated and trying to force themselves to change, but all this does is compound the suffering.

If you fight with yourself to try to feel something you don’t it’s a form of denial and it will keep you stuck and unable to see the bigger picture.

I want you to know that it’s absolutely fine to feel the way you feel about work and you don’t need to do anything about it.

Only Way to Find Your Real Motivation

Being happy and motivated 24/7 is not a default mode that you need to strive towards because perfection is an idea. It’s not real.

If you accept and allow feeling ambivalent or unmotivated at work without getting all dramatic about it you’re going to give yourself more room for the stuff that does light you up.

You will have more energy to be interested in what interests you.

When you accept and allow the negative feelings it’s a much faster route to getting through them and to the place where you can say “Okay now what?” with an open mind. And an open mind is the only way to find your real motivation. From there you can create inspiration.




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