How deciding on “one small step” daily helped Natalia Lobach chart her course and set sail

Natalia Lobach, an amateur pickle champion, mom, and all-around fun-loving person, came to Kickstartology after founding Charthouse Advisory Services — a consultancy that helps organizations and leaders navigate significant changes to their businesses. However, Natalia’s own life changes, including her shift to self-employment and homeschooling her son during the pandemic, left her in a pickle (I couldn’t resist!), feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

That’s when Natalia decided to join Kickstartology’s Alignment Coaching Program, which turned out to be the best decision she ever made. As she told an audience at ResetLab last year, “The tools provided by Kickstartology have made an incredible difference in my life, business, and alignment.”

The value of starting where you are and looking at the long-view destination

Initially, Natalia relied on her prior consulting experience to run her business, but working with Stephanie and Nadine showed her the importance of setting long-term goals for both her personal and professional life. She found the thought work particularly useful, which has become a constant source of guidance for her. Even if she starts with something small, Natalia knows that taking action in the form of “one small step” is her strategy to achieve her desired outcomes.

With Kickstartology’s guidance, Natalia created a YouTube interview series called Change: The Conversation and the Change Course Podcast, despite having no formal media training. Additionally, she added a sailboat to her life, a metaphor for becoming the captain of her destiny. Today, Natalia continues to thrive in her aligned life, and we recently caught up with her to learn more about how Kickstartology helped her chart the course through life’s inevitable storms.


What was your big a-ha moment in Kickstartology?
“When I caught myself saying, ‘things will never change.’ That’s when the work kicked in, and I realized I had the power to change things.”

How has your self-image changed? 
“I care less about what other people think and a lot more about what I think!”

What would you tell someone considering Kickstartology Coaching?
“It’s a group focused on women with similar goals and needs. We’re all looking for a feeling of control and ease in our lives. We all want to go somewhere. Kickstartology helps you get there.

Also, do it! You’ll train your brain to leave the spinning behind and get aligned!”

What was the value of being in a group? 
“The value of being in group coaching was hearing from other women about their struggles and breakthroughs! It was inspiring and motivating!”

What is the most significant realization you had as the result of Kickstartology?
“My most significant realization from going through the Kickstartology Coaching program is that I get to make choices about what I want and how I want to do things.”

How has your life changed as a result of Kickstartology? 
“I keep my north star goals in view and align everything to that. I also have much better integration of all parts of my life, instead of a thousand overflowing compartments.”

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