Clarity Feels Safe

Pay special attention if you feel like you can’t move forward because you need to do more research or you haven’t made a plan yet.

Clarity makes us feel safe but in the quest for clarity, there comes a point where the pursuit itself becomes a barrier if it’s used to avoid doing things that feel uncomfortable.

I’ve seen people trap themselves in the clarity quest in many ways:

  • Deciding what they want (big picture or short term)
  • Making career jumps
  • Navigating relationships
  • Trying to adopt healthier habits
  • Launching a business
  • Starting a creative project
  • Working on personal development (for example working on people pleasing)

When things feel uncertain or tough, we gather info to feel productive even if more information isn’t going to change anything. Planning gives us the illusion of control, which is much more comfortable than accepting that there will always be an element of uncertainty.

But here’s the thing: The feeling of clarity doesn’t come from research and planning because you will never have ALL of the information in the world and even the most perfect plans don’t come with a guarantee. The feeling of clarity comes from making decisions based on the end goal with acceptance of these limitations.

The Clarity Paradox

More information and plans seem like progress, however, if it morphs into procrastination or avoidance you’re actually stuck in perpetual preparation without reaching the crucial stage of execution.

Embracing uncertainty and making decisions despite resistance is a crucial part of growth and change. To be blunt, every decision we make carries an element of risk. However, it’s through taking those risks and learning from the outcomes that we make tangible progress and grow.

Clarity is not a static state to be achieved; it’s an ongoing process of creating our own sense of clarity as we get new data and make one decision at a time. It requires a willingness to accept that there will always be unknowns and that even with incomplete information, moving forward is often the best option.

I know that understanding this intellectually doesn’t make it any easier to get past the resistance, but this is where coaching comes in.

The Simplest Steps

I’m going to show you the simplest steps for creating your own sense of clarity in order to move forward at our upcoming Reset Lab, it’s our free Alignment Coaching intro program. This Reset Lab’s theme is Inspiration, Clarity, and Transfomation. These three components are inextricably connected and boosting one boosts them all.

If you don’t know what you want or you’re worried that YOUR lack of clarity is just a big jumbly blob in your brain and not clear enough to benefit from the workshop, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Reset Lab is your playground for sorting thoughts and shaping choices. Time to give yourself the spotlight.

Register before you forget to make that commitment to yourself, you can do that in 5 seconds right here.



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