What will you do in a year?

 Live event November 30th

Date: November 30th, 2019
Time: 10:30am – 4:00pm
Location: The Peacock Pub – 582 College St
Ticket Price: $90.00

Workshops | Delicious Food | Inspiring Panelists | Learning New Things| Ask a Recruiter

Make Meaningful Connections with amazing women! *real not “networking” connections.

Extra great because no fluorescent lights and you can wear jeans if you want to.

People over estimate what they can do in a day but they under estimate what they can do in a year.

If you could totally transform one thing in your life what would it be?

Your career?
Your home?
More time?
More money?
Extra fun
Your body?
Your state of mind?

What’s in your way?

Did you know that ninety-two percent of people DO NOT achieve their goals? The science behind changing habits has evolved but most people have not changed how they go about setting goals. Or how they approach achieving them.

With the expectations and the never-ending list of things to do,  women frequently don’t have the time to think about goals. Setting them or how they could achieve them.

Have you been wanting to change things up for a while? Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed at the thought of beginning? Or do you set casual goals only to find yourself back in your old and familiar habits a few weeks later?


Are you too busy, too tired, or waiting for something to change before you begin?


This is for you. This year. 

Join us for a masterclass and workshop in setting exciting goals that make you want to get out of bed every morning. Learn how to hack your own operating system so that you don’t need to rely on willpower and motivation. Learn about the science behind habits, as well as simple tricks to adjust old patterns so you can build new, healthier ones. Get top tips and tricks to debunk myths, uncover your obstacles, and leave feeling empowered by your choices. This time you won’t be defeated by them. Start the new year fresh, inspired, and committed to building that discipline muscle. 

We guarantee you will leave with 20/20 vision, ready to jump in with purpose, inspiring goals, and an action plan you are committed to following through.

We promise no generic answers. We value transparency, honesty, inclusivity, and encouragement. Take a day in the pre-holiday chaos to meet like-minded women and eat yummy food in a hip venue, while devoting a day to the most important person in your life: YOU!

*Post-session Accountability

Don’t worry, we won’t let you forget about this… we’re offering email follow-ups through December, as well as a live video call in January to help you stay focused on your goal.


Why not make the leap and commit to joining us for a day that just might change your life?


I attended a Kick Start workshop hosted by Stephanie and Nadine. I expected a day of thought provoking insights and I wasn’t disappointed. Looking inwards to get out of your own way can be hard but by sharing their own experiences and struggles, Stephanie and Nadine connected with the audience and certainly helped me get things moving forward.

Fiona McKnight

Fiona Mcknight Cakes

I’ve been to 2 of Stephanie and Nadine’s coaching events and each time I’ve left with clearer goals, a plan for action and accountability in place to stay on track… as well as having a lot of laughs while meeting interesting people–many who I’ve stayed in touch with. I LOVE Stephanie’s no BS approach to fixing problems and had a d*mn good time doing it. Coach, cheerleader, team-player… Stephanie’s all those things. Above all my WINS were her WINS and that’s what makes her the person I want on my side when I’m going after my goals.

Kelly Clark

The 10 Principles


Aliya Visram

Aliya Visram

Co-founder of Wellbe Family Wellness, health practitioner and chiropractor with a distinct holistic approach.


Dr Aliya Visram is a leading prenatal and pediatric wellness expert in Toronto. With over 12 years of experience, she has focussed her practice on caring for families.  A member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and the recipient of the Ontario Chiropractic Association’s Patient Care Award (2018), Dr Aliya has been an active member of the chiropractic profession participating in research initiatives and advocacy work. Recently, Dr Aliya co-founded Wellbe Family Wellness, a family wellness clinic and kids yoga studio in Toronto’s East End. She is a mama to 2 little ones and loves to spend her mornings sleeping in and drinking coffee…hopefully in that order!

Amanda Munday

Amanda Munday

Founder and CEO, The Workaround. Best Selling Author: Day Nine, a Postpartum Depression Memoir.

Amanda is the Founder and CEO of The Workaround, a parent-friendly workspace with childcare in Toronto. She is also the author of Day Nine: A Postpartum Depression Memoir, which became a best seller in April 2019. She has received international media coverage, including being named an Inspirational Speaker in Forbes Magazine, and is a regular contributor to The Globe and Mail. Her work has been showcased by The Toronto Star, CP24 Breakfast, CBC, The Associated Press, Toronto Life and more.


Melonie de Guzman

Melonie de Guzman

Scrum Master. Daring Leadership. Productivity Expert. Budget Management. Agile Development. Community Builder.

Melonie de Guzman is a digital media maven, working on high profile digital projects since 2005, before Twitter was even a thing. Today, she manages over 50 websites, 100 apps and has spearheaded a Women in Technology association across Canada.

At night, when she’s not training in Olympic Weightlifting or Kali (Filipino Martial Arts), she is inspired to teach women how to project manage their lives by applying the skills learned from 14 years of corporate projects, because the most important project you’ll ever work on is yourself!


Joanne Acri, our favourite executive recruiter will be on-site! Do you have questions about finding a new position in your industry? Or switching industries? Would you like an expert to review your resume? Is your company looking to hire?

All registrants will have the opportunity to book a complimentary 15-minute video session with Joanne!

Joanne Acri

Joanne Acri

Executive Recruiter

Joanne is an experienced Executive Recruiter with a history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. 



November 30th Agenda

10:30am: Registration, coffee and meet n’ greet.

11:00am: Welcome and Introduction: Nadine Araksi

11:30am – 12:30pm: Workshop #1

12:30 – 1:30: Lunch

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Panel discussion

2:30 – 2:45pm: Break 

2:45 – 3:35pm: Workshop #2

3:35 – 4:00pm: Deep Dive Group Chat

4:00pm: Join us for a toast if you’re able *cash bar

Attire: Dress as your favourite version of you

The Peacock Pub. Cozy, and delicious.