Keeping the Peace is Meaningless If You Have Sacrificed Inner Peace

When you decide to prioritize “keeping the peace” you want to make sure that one of the things you take into consideration is your own inner peace.

If you’re holding back on account of “keeping the peace” but in the process causing yourself internal conflict you’re lying to yourself because that’s not true peace. Do you ever do this? It’s often just camouflaged people-pleasing and conflict avoidance. If you’re doing that your justification probably sounds something like this:

“It’s not worth going there for me because other people might not like it which stresses me out so I may as well just keep going along with this”

You stay miserable, but since your own misery is something you’re familiar and only up to you to manage you are choosing it over the risk of upsetting others.

When you look deeper it becomes clear that the real reasons people “keep the peace” at their own expense is a fear of judgement and a desire for certainty. This is why some control freaks are people pleasers or conflict avoiders. When you open yourself up to conflict you don’t know what’s going to happen and you’re not in control of what others will do or think about you.

But here’s the thing: When you keep sacrificing yourself for others and prioritize their voice, you stop listening to your own voice. You lose connection with yourself and start emotionally checking out. It’s like waging a war against yourself for an illusion of peace.

Do You Value This Illusion Over Other Possibilities?

What if you weren’t born to keep the peace at all costs?

What if risking the illusion of peace with your boldness is the fastest way to get to where you feel connected to yourself engaged, and experience true inner peace?

If you knew that you could break this pattern forever would you be willing to experience a little bit of fear, judgement and uncertainty along the way?

This is what we help you with in coaching, We talk about getting into the weeds and tying it to the big picture because the decisions you make day to day every day add up to create your future. And the great news is that being willing to risk NOT “keeping the peace” gets easier with practice.

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