What are you Picturing?

Do you think that life coaching involves women over-using the words journey and empowerment? A lot of energy and vibration talk? Reminders to charge your crystals? Are you thinking that maybe a career coach or an executive coach would be more suitable?

Three Truths about Life Coaching

 1. We are all different:

Some life coaches are anti-woo, some are all woo, and the rest an in-between. 

I call myself an Alignment Coach, which is a form of life coaching or mindset coaching. I created an Alignment Framework based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and a program with twelve modules, a workbook, and live coaching program to guide you through it. There is no “woo” baked into the program but I love the fact that our clients fall all across the woo map.

 2. It’s all the same stuff:

Effective coaching is going to hit on certain principles, no matter what the approach. Science coaches, the woo-woo coaches, and the in-between have a massive amount of overlap, but they have different vocabularies, tools, and approaches. 

3. When you change one thing, it impacts the rest
(and why that can feel like magic)

Even though people usually come to coaching because they are dissatisfied with something specific, the impact of coaching will reach beyond this. Alignment coaching done well (or life coaching or mindset coaching) will impact your whole life because you will have new tools and insights that will keep you from getting stuck in the future and save you from so much trial and error.

You can use life coaching to make specific improvements in any pillar of your life. The Alignment Framework is designed specifically to meet you exactly where you are right now and provides easy steps to start moving in the right direction.

As we change our thoughts, we change our experience and start making different decisions. It’s the difference between settling for what’s probable vs. making the leap to explore what’s possible.

The longer I coach, the more willing I am to acknowledge that as you do the Alignment work, the more it feels like you have been given an extra dose of synchronicity and serendipity in your life. I’ve had dozens of women go through the program, and when they get results that they never considered possible in the past, it feels like magic.

Some of these things are quantifiable and have been studied in different fields including neuroscience, and cognitive and behavioural psychology, but the personal experience of what happens as you shift your mindset and self-image with intention feels like much more than a logical data point with a teaspoon of fortunate coincidence.

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