This was NOT the plan


Last night I ate chocolate chip muffins for dinner and binge-watched reality TV until 3:30 am. For those of you asking, it was The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, season 1, and I have never watched anything from any of those franchises.

That was not the plan.

And then I had shit to do today and I was NOT IN THE MOOD. On top of that, I felt guilty for not caring. In my head, I was trying to negotiate with myself to keep procrastinating. This is often what the beginning of a downward spiral looks like.

Everyone gets derailed sometimes. You might get derailed by something out of your control, or maybe (and I’m about to get oddly specific) it’s just that you made some bad decisions when your boyfriend went out of town and you were home alone for the first time in a while.

Learning To Reconnect

Everyone gets derailed sometimes. It sucks, and the most common response is self-judgment, self-recrimination, and resistance. Spoiler alert: That doesn’t work.

Reconnecting to why you actually want to be on track MORE than you want to (for example) binge-watch the rest of Season one is what will make you feel more like yourself again. It sounds simple, but reconnecting isn’t as easy as just remembering intellectually, it’s about learning to connect emotionally.

If you have learned how to catch yourself and get back on track getting derailed can be just a blip and a data point, not the precipice of a downward spiral.

Where Do You Want To Lead Yourself?

And that’s one of the things we practice and train for in the Kickstartology Coaching Program. A lot of the self-help advice doesn’t work because everyone is different which means there is no one-size solution, but the Alignment Framework allows you to plug in what makes you unique. From there you will experiment and find what works for you when you want to re-focus. The more you practice, the faster and easier it will be to catch yourself and get back on track.

Instead of feeling disengaged or stuck in your head, you will feel connected to yourself. Which ultimately means less self-destructive time and more time feeling alive and like yourself. Even though self-destructive habits can be tempting and feel so good in the moment, nothing feels better than knowing that you are showing up as exactly who you want to be and finding out where that can lead.

The Kickstartology Alignment Framework is the fastest way to break the patterns that are no longer working for you and to get yourself into Alignment. Make your day-to-day life match up with the life you want to create. 

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