“I don’t know what I want”.

It sounds final and authoritative. But it’s never completely true.

Saying “I don’t know what I want” is a surefire way to stay stuck because we tend to believe our own thoughts, but there are workarounds.

Because you know what you want, even if you don’t think you do.

It’s easy to figure out what we don’t want in our lives, all of the things that leave us feeling tired, disconnected, bored, fearful, angry, overwhelmed, etc. No one wants those feelings.

But it can feel like a lot more work to figure out what we do want. Especially if we’re busy and feel trapped by everything we think we “should” do before we indulge in what’s next. We’re told we need goals, we need plans, we need to execute on those plans… and it can feel exhausting just thinking about it.

There is an easier way to start moving towards what you want that doesn’t feel like adding to your to-do list: Focusing on Alignment

You already have some of the answers.

You know what direction you want to move in:

  • You want to feel energized.
  • You want to feel connected.
  • You want to feel engaged.
  • You want to feel certainty.
  • You want to give a shit.


No one has ever joined our program because they want to be more tired, lonely, disengaged, doubtful, and ambivalent.

Of course the details, the scale are going to look different for everyone, but ultimately when we set out to change something it’s because we want to go towards those positive feelings. Even if it’s indirectly or there are a few steps along the way. And here’s the thing; Sometimes when we don’t know the details of what we want, we forget that we do know what direction we want to head in.

Fortunately, there are always small steps that we can take to move in that direction, even if you don’t have a big shiny goal and a 10 step plan. And you can start to feel the way you want to feel sooner. You don’t need to wait until you set a goal and execute a plan to feel more like yourself at your best.

If you start by aligning the little day-to-day things in your life, one at a time, the big things will follow. And if you keep going, you will be more energized, connected, engaged, certain, and be able to intentionally move towards exactly what you want.

The Kickstartology Alignment Framework that we use in our program will take you through the following:

  1. Get clarity on your direction.

  2. Help you decide what to focus on first, based on your needs, and your past patterns.

  3. Uncover what you are doing that is within your control that is holding you back or slowing you down.

  4. What you need to do and how to build consistency without the hustle.

It isn’t all about goals and plans and willpower and more things to do.

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