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How many hours of lost productivity are we losing to the phenomenon of overthinking work emails?

If you’re more concerned with how someone’s going to think of you than the value of the content, you’re overthinking it.

If you’re putting off sending an email because you’re worried it might not be perfect and you are waiting (and tweaking it, thinking about it, or avoiding it) until you feel a certain way before hitting send, it’s taking up too much space in your head.

Three Email Facts:

1. There is no perfect email.

You don’t need to have all of the answers to all of the questions. Start with the purpose of the email, write what you know, and go from there. Stalling because you don’t have all of the answers is more likely to create bigger problems.

2. More is not more.

People skim! Ask yourself, what actually matters here? You can always say that you can provide more information or context if it’s needed.

3. You can’t control how someone receives your email.

You don’t know what else they are thinking about, what mood they are in, or even how carefully they read it. Spending hours trying to phrase something flawlessly does not pay off.

Just write the email

The time you spend stuck in your head overthinking things adds up fast and distracts you from what you could be enjoying in your life. Furthermore, overthinking takes a lot of energy.

You can start by setting a timer and holding yourself to a specific amount of time that you think is reasonable.

And hit send.

The first time it will be terrifying, but over time it will get easier.

Coaching can help you send emails confidently faster.

The Kickstartology Alignment Coaching Program teaches you the simplest way to start shifting the habits that are not serving you by showing you how to manage your mind and use your strengths to your advantage. You will find more ease and feel more confident even when there is uncertainty to contend with and you can’t control all of the elements.

When you have a well-managed mind you will feel lighter, be more focused, and feel more like your true self.

If you struggle to get out of your head the Kickstartology online group coaching program can help you learn to shift your thoughts and get out of your own way. Book a conversation to find out more.

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