The Stress Habit and Breaking It


If you’re always feeling stressed it eventually becomes a habit. The stress always feels justified and over time it even feels necessary and unavoidable.

But here’s the thing, if you’ve developed a stress habit you’re wasting energy and making your life harder. You’re going to be more tired, reduce your bandwidth, and that’s going to make the stress even more justifiable in your mind.

Furthermore, when you’re stressed out it physically impacts your nervous system in a way that makes it impossible to see that there might be an easier way, no matter how logical it might seem to someone looking in on your situation from the outside.

People with a stress habit are typically stressed because they have a lot to do and think about, and often they anticipate some parts may be difficult… BUT the stress habit makes you forget that in all likelihood these things WILL get done and what needs to be figured out will be.

You Don’t Need High Stress

A little stress is a normal part of functioning but you know that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Humans are capable of being busy and doing difficult things without it, even when the stakes are high.

How to Stop Being Stressed

So how do you break the habit of being stressed?

Not by changing your life, if you want to stop being stressed it starts by changing you (and once you break your stress habit your life with change).

Personal change is not an intellectual exercise, it comes from thinking new thoughts (triggering new feelings) that get you doing new things, taking the new data from the new experiences and incorporating it into future decisions. To do it intentionally there is a lot of assessment, setting intentions and then catching a redirecting yourself when you want to go back to your old patterns.

With the stress habit, this starts by figuring out the (likely subconscious) thoughts and assumptions that make you feel stressed and examining them. You have to deal with these thoughts first, otherwise any solution will just be temporary.

Alignment coaching guides you through this process to stop being stressed all the time step by step. You find the root cause so once you get it, it sticks. And you will have more energy for the stuff you want to be present for.

It’s time to break the stress habit. If you’re over 39* register for my free live workshop: Living Unapologetically Beyond 40.

You’ve got this,


P.S. Getting started and getting results can happen fast once you decide to commit to yourself.
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