For many midlife women, finding one’s spark in your forties and fifties might leave you scratching your head, frustrated, or even exhausted at the prospect of making the effort.

The good news is that no matter how disconnected you feel right now, you can find your spark and feel like yourself again. You have the power to inspire yourself, the first step is deciding that it matters.

Finding your spark in midlife can lead to a journey that often involves rediscovering your passions and reigniting your sense of purpose. Let’s explore the challenges of losing your spark, signs that it may have dimmed, and practical strategies to help you reignite the flame within.

Rediscovering Your Spark in Midlife

When we’re young, we’re encouraged to try new things and chase our dreams with unwavering enthusiasm. However, as we navigate the responsibilities and milestones of adulthood, it’s common to lose sight of that spark.

So many women seem to look around at some point after ticking off a bunch of boxes and feel a little “meh”. Often they feel guilty because they feel like they should be more satisfied than they are.

But just because things are technically “good” doesn’t mean that we feel truly alive, and that’s something we all crave on a soul level.

Signs That Your Spark Needs a Midlife Kickstart

Losing your spark in midlife can manifest in various ways. You might find yourself going through the motions without feeling truly fulfilled. The initial excitement and passion that once fueled you may have dwindled, leaving you indifferent or restless.

Recognizing the signs of a dimmed spark is the first step to taking proactive action to reignite it. Here are five signs that indicate your spark may have dimmed:

1. Persistent Feeling of Discontentment: Constant dissatisfaction and unfulfillment despite achieving external milestones.

2. Lack of Motivation and Energy: A diminished drive and enthusiasm towards pursuing goals and interests.

3. Disconnection from Personal Identity: Prioritizing external roles at the expense of your own dreams, resulting in a sense of feeling disconnected.

4. Absence of Creative Expression: Abandoning or neglecting creative outlets that once allowed self-expression and personal growth.

5. Diminished Sense of Purpose: Feeling a lack of clarity and meaning in your actions, questioning the impact you’re making.

Recognizing these signs is the first step towards reigniting your midlife spark.

How to Reignite Your Spark in Midlife

Google “find your spark” and you’ll see a bazillion pages about how to reignite the flame of your romantic relationship. But what about that inner fire? Imagine the feeling of reigniting your own engine with desire and determination to fully embody your best life. What could that look like? What if it was easy?

Reigniting your spark in midlife requires that you pay attention to yourself and your feelings (you may be used to paying more attention to other people’s feelings).

1. Get curious: Take the time to think about what you like, what you want, and what could be fun. What activities make you come alive? What have you always wanted to try? What little things could you start with?

2. Step out of your comfort zone: Challenge yourself to try new things because that’s the only way you’re going to get feedback on what makes you feel more alive.

3. Spend time with different people: Have new conversations and get different points of view. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with… are you around people who feel lit up?


Alignment Coaching to Kickstart That Spark

If you’re feeling stuck we can help. Whether you want to shift your career, personal life, or even just figure out what you want to change we can help.

Lighting that fire to get women started on the road to what’s next is what we do. The Alignment Framework and group coaching program – which also has one-on-one components has helped hundreds of women from around the world get out of their own way and find out what’s possible.

The first step is for you to decide that you want this feeling enough because you’re sick of feeling flat and you’re willing to break out of your current patterns.

We know the path to igniting that feeling, and we can help get you there, too. Getting sparks yet?


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