By Nadine Araksi, Toronto-based Story Coach

“Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die. We have the spark that starts the fire.” —Rumi

Driven by the passionate flames of youth, I took my first trip to Europe alone at 25. I had been working hard at building my career in the film industry in Toronto, and my visit to London was the romantic break I needed before I fully leaned into my goal of working as a screenwriter. 

Feeling very Alice in Wonderland, I wandered the winding cobblestone streets with wide-eyed curiosity, like a giant sponge learning how to be in the world, while my Canadian-in-England boyfriend worked his day job. Trying to get lost and then find my way again was an intentional mission. Life felt electric, full of possibility.

What it felt like to lose my spark

One morning, I went to take a bath in my boyfriend’s ancient flat, only to find the pilot light for the furnace was out. Terrified of lighting a match around something gassy, I boiled kettles of water in the kitchen and carted them to the tub, back and forth, one by one. By the time the next one boiled, the water in the old clawfoot was lukewarm at best. 

(Yes, feel free to picture it set to the Benny Hill theme and laugh because that’s what I’m doing right now! I have no recollection of how I eventually got clean.)

Fast forward a dozen or so years later when I awoke to find my own internal pilot light had gone out. I’d ticked off the life milestones expected of me as a first-generation Armenian-Canadian woman: Marriage (London boyfriend became my husband), kids, house, car… and after deciding a film career was not suited to me, I was working as a writer and editor for a major magazine. I had wanted all of these milestones at some point, but then why did I feel so meh

Deciding to find the spark again

Much like the kettle comedy in London, my dream life of being a wife, mother and career woman felt like I was pouring and pouring and getting nowhere, and by the time I got to the proverbial tub, things were lukewarm at best. Realizing I’d allowed external circumstances to dictate where I went and what I did every day, I vowed to find a way back to feeling like me. How could I find that spark again?

Google “find your spark” and you’ll see a bazillion pages about how to reignite the flame of your romantic relationship. But what about your relationship with yourself? Imagine the feeling of reigniting your own engine with desire and determination to fully embody your best life. What could that look like? What if it was easy?

To kickstart anything, first, you need a spark

Lighting that fire to get women started on the road to what’s next is what we do! Come see us at Reset Lab. In our free mini intro program, we’ll show you how our Alignment Framework and online group coaching program tools can help get you fired up again. 

How would it feel to know that within the next six months, you’ve started something and followed through? Imagine the lightness and freedom of not wasting energy on guilt and mind drama, and the confidence you’d have if you stopped talking or thinking about starting and actually did it. We know the path to igniting that feeling, and we can help get you there, too. Getting sparks yet?

Reserve your spot now and let’s fire up that pilot light!

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