The Blunt Talk

I’ve been holding back because I don’t want to scare you away from coaching, but I don’t think it’s been serving either one of us.

I’ve been scared that if I’m too blunt with you up-front you’re going to make assumptions and get scared, and we will never get to have a real conversation about it.

But I’ve been thinking, and those of you who have the most to gain from Kickstartology can handle starting the real conversation right now. If you’re the type of person who thrives in coaching, you’re going to be curious about your assumptions, and comfortable exploring them even if it makes you a bit nervous, in order to make the best decision for yourself.

So let’s go.

Alignment Coaching is Not for Playing Small

Alignment Coaching is for you if you want to be on fire.

Coaching will help you light the spark, feed the fire, and learn to keep the fire burning through ups and downs, difficult conditions, and unpredictable surprises. The coaching tools help you figure out how to best manage your fire to keep it under control and avoid burnout.

Three Scary Things

1. Time: It Matters Now – Even if you are busy

I’ve been so scared of sounding pushy that I’ve been acting like you have all the time in the world instead of being blunt about why this matters right NOW.

So many of you are chasing your to-do list hoping to find some peace at the end of it, but I can help you find some peace right now. We all have the same 24-hour clock and no one knows how long they have left. Do you want to go after what you want now so that you get to enjoy it sooner or do you want to put it off and risk having regrets?

2. Effort: It Takes Effort – But so does your current life

I’ve been scared that you’re going to think it seems like a lot of effort and want to put it off until you have more energy. Now, of course you want to guard your energy, being unsatisfied with your life is tiring, it’s like carrying around extra weight.

And coaching will be an effort,  but very quickly coaching will also be energizing. You get to release the weight you’ve been carrying around when you start making different decisions that better align with who you want to be and how you want to live. Not to mention that part of how you want to live most likely includes taking care of yourself so that you feel energized.

3. Think Big: It’s a practical part of growth

I’ve been scared of telling you to think big with what you really want long term because I worry that you will either think that it’s unrealistic coaching bullshit, or you will be scared because you want to play it safe.

But the purpose of this is not to set a long-term goal that you either succeed or fail at accomplishing, it’s about reconnecting to yourself and setting direction. It’s a science-based tool that has a dramatic impact on your likelihood of creating lasting behavioural change. And as you grow, what you consider possible for yourself will grow with you.

It’s Possible

My favourite feedback from clients is “I never would have believed that was possible for me” and I hear it a lot. That’s where we set the bar at Kickstartology.

So if you’ve been feeling a bit stuck, flat, or just not quite yourself, the Kickstartology Coaching Program takes you through everything to feel lit up and excited about the future again.

And you will start doing stuff because change doesn’t happen in your head.

Only you can decide to go for it, I’m here to support you when you do. Book a call and we will have a conversation about how the Alignment Framework applies to your life specifically and go into detail about the logistics and payment options so that you have everything you need to make a confident decision.

Can you imagine going into 2024 and people are talking about you and saying “She’s on fire”? It’s pretty fun.


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