Getting in Your Own Way Looks Like:

Kickstartology Coaching is designed to help you get out of your own way. What does that mean exactly?

There are so many ways to get in your own way, and we even have a list of the top 10 ways that women get in their own way. But how does it show up in the day-to-day? It looks like…

  • Overthinking every possible scenario and worrying about the worst-case scenario.
  • Spinning in indecision, unable to make up your mind.
  • Procrastinating on things and always feeling like you have to play catch up.
  • Letting yourself down because you’re prioritizing everyone else’s needs, and then you run out of steam.
  • People-pleasing because you feel guilty saying no.
  • Putting off the things you really want to do because you don’t know if you can do them or when you would have the time.
  • Not setting boundaries and feeling frustrated when people keep asking you for more.
  • Avoiding risks and staying stagnant because you’re unwilling to go forward until you feel 100% confident.
  • Not advocating for yourself because you don’t want to bug anyone.
  • Not asking for help because you think that you should be able to do things alone.
  • Comparing yourself to others to see where you don’t measure up.

The Impact of Getting In Your Own Way

The bad habits and patterns that result in getting in your own way will have a ripple effect across your life. The following are some of the most common and glaring outcomes. It’s important to note that the individual outcomes below reinforce each other.

Wasting Time and energy:

When you get in your own way, it slows you down and it’s costing you time. You get stuck in the weeds, which is to say, you get tangled in the less valuable details. It’s exhausting.

Feeling Disconnected:

When you feel stuck, you start to emotionally disengage and feel less connected to yourself and your life

Losing Motivation:

When you feel less connected it’s harder to do the things you know you need to do to get unstuck.

Lack of Clarity and Perspective:

It’s almost as if you’re underwater or in a fog, and there’s a layer preventing you from seeing things clearly, as they are. and you lose sight of the big picture. Then you feel even more disconnected. And repeat.

Missing Out:

You’re missing out on fun, opportunities, and connection. You’re missing out on feeling alive, anticipation, satisfaction, and growth.

It Feels Like Sh*t More Often:

The patterns of getting in your own way cause extra worry, stress, anxiety, and dread. Not to mention being an a$$hole to yourself.

How Coaching Helps if You are Getting In Your Own Way

Coaching is the fastest way to break the patterns holding you back. The steps are simple, and the learning comes from consistent application. You need to:

1. Start thinking more about what you want and what’s possible instead of what you want to escape or avoid.

The Kickstartology Program reconnects you with your gut instinct and what drives you. We look at the short-term and long-term to make sure they align with your values and desires, and work for the context of your life

2. Zero in on what you want and assess what’s currently going on, without self-judgement. 

Using the Alignment Framework you will easily find out where to start to get the fastest results. You’re going to:

  • Choose what goals to prioritize.
  • Collect data (not judgements) 
  • Examine your self-image and your mindset, and figure out what’s working for you, and what’s really not.
  • Learn how to create a well-managed mind and process your feelings.

3. Start making decisions and following through for yourself, not just following through for everybody else. You will build the habit of committing and prioritizing the right things and build the skill of catching and redirecting yourself when you get off track.

It works fast, with clients often seeing results in under three weeks. Book a call to get the details of the Kickstartology Coaching Program and find out how to work together.


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