By Nadine Araksi, Toronto-based Story Coach

When your to-do list is a grind

Do you ever find yourself trying to power through your to-do list, even when your inner voice suggests some time for yourself would make things easier?

Do you turn on yourself in those moments, wondering why it’s taking you so long to get things done?

You’re not alone. Most women have been conditioned to keep going at all costs, taking care of everyone and everything BUT themselves, until they find themselves out of steam.

On a recent lakeside bike ride, I caught myself struggling to find ease, despite perfect weather. My instinct was to turn on myself. “God, you’re out of shape! Why aren’t you riding every morning like you used to?” The anxiety about being late to my appointment kicked in.

Then, at a stoplight, a quieter, knowing voice chimed in. 
“Maybe you just need more air in your tires.”

Women aren’t conditioned to pause

Yet I pushed past the gas station on the way because I’ve been conditioned to think that getting to the destination is more important than how I feel on the journey. Had I decided to pause and fill my tires, my inner voice might have been more “Whee!” and less “Waah!” while getting me there in the same amount of time.

Relatable? Maybe you’ve been slogging through the summer at half steam. Perhaps even your vacations or downtime didn’t feel like a break. It’s possible that you didn’t even plan for a rest opportunity because work feels overwhelming. 

If you’re ready to see how things might feel when you put some air in your proverbial tires, join us for Reset Lab

Start your journey with our super fun, free, five-module intro program, and get your mind in shape for what you want (and need) to accomplish in the coming months. If you’ve been wondering about coaching, or have experienced the benefits and need a tune-up, we’ve been preparing all summer to train you to feel your best.

So, what did you decide? Are you going to keep tuckering yourself out, or pump yourself up

P.S. Getting started and getting results can happen fast once you decide to commit to yourself.
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