By Stephanie Marshall, Toronto based Master Alignment Coach

So Much Uncertainty

Of course, many of us are exhausted from uncertainty fatigue. It’s our first global pandemic and no one was training for it. So much has changed, for example, a year ago most of us in North America would have felt self-conscious wearing a mask in public, but now many of us would feel self-conscious without one.

On top of the huge changes like online schooling and travel limitations, we’ve been figuring out how to maneuver countless tiny things out as we go. And there is no clear timeline. which means it’s really hard to be a control freak.

Feeling Out of Control

What do people do when they feel that things are out of control? It often goes one of two ways:
a) Doubling down on trying to control everything.
b) Losing sight of what can be controlled and falling victim to circumstance

Both options lead to feeling exhausted and helpless. And both options make it very difficult to steer yourself back to a place that does not feel exhausting and helpless.

The difference between them is that:
Doubling down will make you believe that you have no time or energy available to change things in order to have more time or energy, while;
Falling victim to circumstance will make you believe that there is nothing that can be done because you are a victim to circumstance.

What You Can Do

If you are exhausted from uncertainty fatigue the best thing you can do is to take a step back out of the weeds and get out of whatever auto-pilot thought loops you might have going on. The idea is to root yourself in the present (get out of hyperbole) and re-align with what matters in the big picture. Ask yourself the following:

Root yourself in the present:

  1. What specifically is uncertain today?
  2. What decisions can I make today?
  3. What doesn’t matter today?
  4. What will not matter a year from now?

Redirect to what matters:

  1. What do I want in my life in a year? (or more… far enough to give you the freedom to imagine possibilities)
  2. What can I do to make that happen?

Did those questions just irritate you? Did you judge and dismiss the whole thing, thinking that your situation is different or this mindset stuff doesn’t apply to real problems?

That’s to be expected. We believe our own thoughts, and learning to question them without judgement doesn’t feel natural if you aren’t used to it. But take another look at those questions… are you able to approach them with curiosity? Or are you feeling stubborn (think toddler foot stomp)?

Finding Ease

Yes “mindfulness”, “gratitude”, “connecting”, don’t forget the misunderstood “manifesting” are the trendy buzzwords out there in pretty Instagram quotes. And when we’re tired they can feel like hollow noise or maybe more things we “should” do but can’t seem to fit in. The thing is, when done right, they work. learning to question our own beliefs, and looking at our own decisions without judgement is the fastest way to feel more in control and let ease back into our life. No matter how much uncertainty we may face.

If this sounds familiar and you want some help feeling in control again let’s chat. 

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