Meet Emily Dwyer of RedGlasses Inc.

Like so many women we first meet at Kickstartology, Emily Dwyer came to us frustrated with her work life. A devoted mom and wife who worked full-time in a stable job as a project manager for a financial institution, on paper, everything was fine. “But I was just miserable,” said Dwyer at one of our Reset Labs earlier this year. Thinking she just needed to find a new job and have a plan, but knowing she needed help, Emily reluctantly signed up for the Align to Thrive online group coaching program for women.

“I didn’t trust myself. I knew in the past I’d get excited about things, and then I’d drop them. Then I start a new thing, and then I drop that. I didn’t trust that I’d actually go forward with this and get anything out of it. But because of how I was feeling and how low I was, I had to do it to save myself.”

Through our lessons on figuring out what you want, Emily finally gave herself permission to dream. And what came through was a desire to get into real estate investing: Emily wanted to buy and renovate houses into highly desirable rental income properties. But it felt like a pipe dream.

“I remember Steph telling me, ‘What if this works?’ And I was just like, ‘Oh! What do you mean this could work?” This piqued Emily’s curiosity, “What if I can get out of this? What if I can change my life? And that was kind of the point of no return, and I knew that I had to do it.”

While opening herself to the possibility of what she might want, Emily began to bring that curiosity into exploration conversations with others, asking tough questions of herself along the way. “What I got myself into, which is real estate investing, has been in front of me for years and years and years, and then it just dawned on me that this could be it! This could be what I’ve been looking for to grab onto and be successful and happy in it.”

When working on her vision and self-image, Emily saw herself wearing red glasses. She ordered a pair and began to build her brand, RedGlasses Inc., studying real estate investing, buying and renovating her first property and doubling her net worth in 10 short months. We’ve lost track of how many properties she now manages, but love watching her share her experience and knowledge on her Instagram channel. We caught up with Emily recently as she reflected on her Kickstartology experience.

What was your big a-ha moment in Kickstartology?

Steph asked me what if coaching worked, and I got what I wanted out of it. It’s more likely to work than it isn’t! I had no reason not to try at that point.

How has your self-image changed since joining Kickstartology?

I made myself the literal CEO of my company (RedGlasses Inc.)! I have to keep reminding myself of that. I’m now in a position of power for the first time in my life because I allowed myself to be.

How has your life changed as a result of Kickstartology?

I needed support and a community to nudge and push me out the door. Otherwise, I would have just spun in circles and made no headway.

What was the most significant realization you had as a result of Kickstartology?

The Self-Image Manifesto (a Kickstartology Coaching tool) changed my life. It created my new brand! It’s SO powerful to visualize what and who you are at your highest self. It became a blueprint for me that I work towards every day.

What would you tell someone wondering if KC is right for them?

You owe it to yourself to try. It’s an investment into your future self.

What’s the value of being in a group?

It’s very easy to feel isolated and alone and wonder why you’re feeling the way you do. Being in a group shows you very quickly that there are others exactly like you! You also learn from others how they’ve overcome the same things you’re struggling with.

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