Do You Use Vision Boards?

I get asked if vision boards work for manifesting, and like any good question, the answer is “it depends”.

I want my clients to aim high, to imagine what’s possible, set audacious goals, and aspire to a Pinterest-worthy life of their dreams. In the Kickstartology Alignment Framework, we call it our Vision (yeah I know, not original). We dedicate a whole module to this and we refer to our Vision and our “Vision Me” throughout the program. This week we even collected images that embodied parts of our Vision Life. The medium doesn’t matter, you can use Canva, Pinterest, or even old school paper and glue.

Is our program exactly what you are looking for?

Cynical Me used to roll her eyes at this stuff. I thought that people who use vision boards are the same people who like playing games at wedding showers, and “live, laugh, love” picture frames. To me it was a way of formalizing wishes.

I was right and I was wrong.

The True Value

The usefulness of vision work lies in the details. Intentions matter and the practicality is not making a checklist of what you want in your future. If you think it will help you wish really hard and manifest stuff, prepare to be disappointed.

Fantasizing is a starting point, but creating a fantasy is not the point. 

Fantasies are useful as an escape from reality, while coaching is all about creating your reality. And while creating a vision is rooted in the macro big-picture, it’s a tool that has practical applications to impact your attitude, behavior, and results today.

A vision board is only useful if it connects you to your vision and inspires you to ACT today. 

How a Vision Board Can Help You Manifest:

The value of creating a vision board is that it will help you with:

1. Understanding what you can picture for yourself and where your limits are.
Sometimes we limit ourselves without even realizing it. It can feel dangerous to flirt with the edges of possibility. Often our clients find their vision expanding as they go through the program.

2. Getting in touch with what you desire, as opposed to what you want to escape.
A basic tenet of Mindset Coaching. It’s easier to know what you don’t like and what you don’t want. But if you had all the time, energy, and money you needed, then what would you want? (For the smart-asses, if you answered “time, energy and money” think harder. Knowing what you would do with it makes it easier to get). If you’re excited about what you’re working for, life is easier. 

3. Learning what you would be willing to work and sacrifice for.
Remember this is not about escapism. You have to be ready to give on the level of which you want to receive. Remember, you get to decide how you want to give as well.

4. A way to envision your ideal self and create a roadmap.
95% of people who make lasting behavioral changes began by connecting to an idealized version of themselves (#neuroscience). Vision me has her shit together and her squirrels are aligned. She makes good decisions. Consider this: No one is exhausted in their vision. If Vision Me is consistently energized, it means that somewhere along the way I learned to prioritize healthy habits, pacing myself, and sleep, otherwise my vision remains a fantasy.

5. Resilience.
Once you know what you are working towards in the long term, the ups and downs in the day-to-day aren’t as powerful. If things don’t go the way you want them to, it isn’t the end of the world, because no vision only has one single path.

Do You Have a Vision Board?

Are You How easy or hard would it be for you to flesh out your vision? Sometimes people find it easy in some parts of their life and more difficult in others. Part of the trick is to imagine far enough out (minimum 10 years) that you aren’t getting caught in the details of how. The how and when will come later.

We don’t live our life in silos, so I encourage you to create a big-picture vision, but sometimes it can be useful to focus on a specific area in your life. The long-term vision can help surface new questions, as well as give you clues about how you need to show up for yourself to create the results you want today.

The Kickstartology Coaching program works. If you’re curious about how the Alignment Framework could help you bridge the gap between your life today and what you really want your life to be like, Book your free exploration call now!

What if it’s easier than you think it will be?

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