The Limits of Studying

What if I decided right now that I was going to learn how to cook?

Now if I began listening to all of the cooking podcasts, watching cooking shows, collecting recipes, and buying fancy kitchen gadgets, would I eventually be able to jump into my kitchen and easily create a perfect feast from scratch?


Because no matter how hard you study, some things you need to practice in real life. In life (as opposed to in theory) there are always unknowns, for example, they say every oven is different, and sometimes you might think you understand something until you actually try it because you don’t know what you don’t know until it gets in the way.

The same is true in coaching. 

Coaching is Experiential Learning

It’s easy to understand podcasts and articles about mindset work and the Alignment Framework because it makes sense intellectually. But in practice, it’s a totally different experience and you will have totally different results.

Coaching is a form of experiential learning. You take the intellectual concepts, apply them to yourself in real life, see what happens, and then come back to assess what happened, what worked, and what didn’t, and figure out what to do next. Things start happening fast.

Here’s the nuance though, we aren’t just focusing on the obvious. We get into the little details that you might never think to explore if you were on your own, and we think about the big picture beyond what usually comes up.

Coaching demands that you be willing to question all of your assumptions and beliefs to get really good at throwing out the useless garbage that your brain loves to throw at you when you’re trying something new. And the point is, to keep trying something new because that’s the only way to keep expanding your comfort zone.

As you expand your comfort zone, you’re going to expand what you think is possible for yourself and what you’re willing to figure out in order to get there. Humans have an intrinsic need to keep growing and living like this will make you feel more connected and energized.

That’s when it really starts cooking (pun intended).

In the Kickstartology Coaching program, I take you through the Alignment Framework and teach you how to use the mindset tools so that you can then use them on anything in your life big or small. From time management frustrations to seemingly  impossible dreams,

You can’t unlearn this stuff once you experience it. You get the personal guidance and support to get to where you want faster than you would on your own (you can find your own blindspots but it takes much more time with trial and error than coaching). It gets easier and more natural over time.

When you’re ready to go further than just understanding these things in theory because you REALLY REALLY want to get going and make things happen, let’s have a conversation about coaching.

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