By Stephanie Marshall, Toronto based Master Alignment Coach

Stubborn but also feeling stuck?

Coaching for stubborn people is about harnessing the power of stubbornness and using it to our advantage.

I’m going to tell you how thinking of yourself as a rat in a maze can help you break through. You know how scientists love to test the shit out on rats, make them go through mazes for treats, and change them up to see what the rats do? Write journals, etc. And you probably know that if a rat keeps beating the maze for a treat but then the treat system changes and now solving the maze no longer gets them a treat every time, even but there are tons of new and easier ways to get treats, the stubborn rat is angry that there are less treat, but keeps going to keep going through the maze because the stubborn rat knows that’s the way things work.

Two things we can all agree on:

  1. Stubborn people make very confident assumptions based on their past experience, observation, and what they’ve been taught or have learned.
  2. We can’t control everything (#sorry control freaks) or know everything. Things change, and everyone on this planet has some incorrect assumptions (including every stubborn person)

Now, the stubborn successful rat, or in this case you, is not willing to forgo treats because of some irritating human fucking with the system. The stubborn successful rat knows that there are more treats to be had, and this is the hardest part, commits to changing the stubborn energy onto curiosity. Once there. this curious successful rat questions everything and is even willing to experiment with things that might have been inconceivable in the past. This rat will figure it out.

Coaching for stubborn people helps us become the curious rat. Coaching helps people catch their assumptions so much faster than they would on their own, and trains them to pivot into curiosity faster, with way less frustration and ego.

At Kickstartology Coaching we use the Alignment framework that helps us turn around our stubbornness and use it to our own advantage instead of against ourselves. It’s like going from rolling a boulder up a hill to solving a puzzle. It feels so much easier. If you’re ready to stubbornly try something new, let’s have a conversation.

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P.P.P.S. Our client, Hanna, says it best:
“Kickstartology Coaching offers a mix of brain tools, challenge, community, encouragement, and consistency. The openness of the Kickstartology team and of my fellow program participants has helped me envision my future, create a blueprint for the way I want to show up in the world, and start building the habits I want in my life."

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