Coaching for Gen X Women with ADHD

The Coaching Workshop for Gen X-ish Women with ADHD

Gen X-ish women with ADHD are dealing with unique challenges and most of the available resources are geared towards a different stage in life.

*Formal diagnosis is not required
**I won’t be checking your ID at the door so older millennials and young boomers are welcome >

Feel in control AND have more fun. It’s not one or the other.

Come to learn the three simple shifts that make a huge difference.

Use your creativity and ADHD brain for problem-solving and start troubleshooting the things you have the ability to change.

You’re going to figure out how to spend more time doing what matters and what you want to do.

Live workshop is over, but Kickstartology Coaching is ADHD friendly.

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Why Gen X-ish Women with ADHD?

Over the last five years, I’ve been coaching Gen X-ish women with ADHD and I’ve come to realize that we are a different breed. Most of us were not diagnosed until later on in life (if at all), and we had to come up with our own systems and workarounds to compensate for the way our brains work. We spent years thinking that we just needed to stop procrastinating and start focusing more.

Many of us compensated well, building careers and lives that allowed us to get away with our ADHD patterns. We even found ways to use ADHD to our advantage. But sometimes it wasn’t as easy and we couldn’t click our brains into place when we wanted to. Most of us have had some big highs but also a few small disasters and near misses.

Now Gen X-ish women with ADHD are dealing with unique challenges which may include:

  1. Hormone levels change with perimenopause and menopause, which can make ADHD symptoms worse.
  2. A career at a level that requires a more focused and consistent approach.
  3. More responsibility at home, possibly taking care of multiple generations.

The ADHD Impact

Here’s what I’m hearing from you when you come to coaching:

  • You want to do all the things and sometimes you pull it off… until you don’t.
  • You’re exhausted from the roller coaster of being all in and ON and then crashing.
  • You want the world to pause for a month so that you can play catch-up.
  • You’re still hopeful that the right system to get organized and on top of things will come along.
  • It feels like your way of doing things has reached its limits, and you’ve been at this level for a long time.
  • You know you’re capable of more and you’re ready to prove it to yourself!

The Three Simple Shifts that Can Change Everything

I’ve seen many women break the patterns that have been holding them back for years and in each case, it has been with three shifts. Here’s what you have to do:

1. Identify and Challenge Your Ingrained ADHD Coping Workarounds

You need to be aware of your personal workarounds and assumptions in order to change the ones that are no longer working for you. The trick is to find not only the conscious ones, but the unconscious ones that have become so entrenched in your ways of doing things that you don’t even

2. The Priority as a Priority

Choose one priority goal and one priority habit and hold on to them while you build the skills of following through and consistency. Through this, you will start solving different problems, the ones that are holding you back, and then you will be able to apply these skills to the next goals and habits you want to prioritize.

You can do all of the things, but not all at once. 

3. The Alignment Mindset

The Alignment framework is the Kickstartology secret sauce. You will take a step back and get perspective in order to tie together the big picture with your day-to-day living. ADHD people are driven by their feelings more than “normies” and it’s almost impossible for us to function when we are uninspired or bored. The Alignment Framework helps you create a well-managed mind in order to use your fast thinking and emotional drivers to your advantage.

What Happens When You Integrate the Shifts

You stop fighting the ADHD and learn to work with it. This alone will save you so much time and energy.

You will stop spending so much time in the cycles of going all-in, crashing, and then playing perpetual catch-up.

Not only will you be able to do more, but it feels easier. You will feel more comfortable being flexible.

You will have more room to have fun and enjoy what’s already good in your life.

If you’re bored of the old same obstacles and levelling up has felt just out of reach for so long, join us.

The Workshop

We’re going to explore how you can apply the three shifts to your specific quirks and circumstances. We will touch on the following:

  • “Secrets” of the ADHD women: The things we have in common that no one talks about
  • ADHD Hot Spots: Where your ADHD loopholes help you and where they may be making things worse
  • How to shift drivers from avoidance to desire
  • Hard truths about building habits and progress (spoiler, willpower isn’t reliable)
  • How your self-image impacts your behaviour
  • When you need to do the boring stuff
  • Some biology stuff that only applies to women


The Alignment Coaching Program


I was using all of my skills to juggle the balls I had in the air, and now not only do I have the skills to juggle more balls, but it feels easier. 


Since working with Stephanie and Nadine the last few months, I have broken free of the trying to try loop, have gotten more clarity on my vision and have made great progress in implementing changes and improving my life for the better. My habits are aligned with my goals, I have learned to question my limiting beliefs and improve my thoughts. I have learned so many incredible tools that have helped change my life for the better and the program has definitely sped up my progress than if I was doing it alone.


Stephanie and Nadine at Kickstartology offer a brilliant blend of neuroscience-based mindset work and been-there warmth and support. Workshops typically include encouraging experts, thought-provoking homework and smart participants with valuable insights and experiences to share.


Stephanie J. Marshall

Stephanie J. Marshall

Alignment Coach, Co-Founder Kickstartology

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Because simply wanting to change isn’t change.