From Plan A to Plan Be

What does success look like to you?

Angelina Lee’s life was all planned out. She’d followed all the rules and checked the right boxes, right down to a law degree and raising an adorable family on a dreamy, warm island in the Caribbean.

“I had ticked off all the items on that list that I had for myself, that vision of who I thought I needed to be, who everyone wanted me to be, who I thought I should be,” said Angelina when she spoke to our Reset Lab audience a few months ago. “I had achieved this level of success. But I did not feel successful at all. Because I was just doing-doing-doing-doing, and that’s what I had planned for. And I knew that something needed to change.”

As she began to look into becoming a little bit more intentional in every area of her life, she launched a blog called Exploring Plan Be. “I wanted to have less doing and more being, so I went from my Plan A of doing to my Plan B/Be.” Shortly after, she came across Kickstartology Coaching and signed up for one of our Reset Lab programs to get a sense of who we were as coaches before she decided to join our six-month online group coaching program.

“I have always been self-reflective, but the program has provided me with a framework within which I can meaningfully sit with myself daily to truly uncover and understand myself, my thoughts and my beliefs,” says Angelina. “This practice has, perhaps, allowed for the most exponential growth for me while going through the program, and it is a practice that I intend to continue long after my time in the program has ended.”

In her time with us, she’s fully explored seeing herself as more than a lawyer and a mum. She is building her own coaching business and a vision for her life that encompasses her desire to live more fully in the present moment. We’ve loved having her in the program and recently asked her to share her experience. 

Fill in the blanks: I used to be someone who ____, but now I’m now I’m someone who ___:
I used to be someone who needed absolute certainty before making any move, but now I’m someone who takes meaningful steps toward the things that I want, even though I can’t predict the outcome. 

What was your big a-ha moment in Kickstartology?
My big a-ha moment was when I realized that the life I want tomorrow is created by the thoughts, habits and beliefs I practice today. That brought the program and the entire concept of alignment to life for me. 

How has your self-image changed?
My self-image has blossomed, and I can not only see myself as — but also connect to — the person I know I want to become. Naturally, the feelings of self-doubt still creep in, but they no longer take up residence in my mind and paralyze my progress. I can finally move past those doubts because of how I see myself, my abilities and the way that I know I want to show up in this world.

Why should someone go through Kickstartology Coaching?
Kickstartology Coaching teaches you how to change and grow your thinking so that you can quickly get out of your own way and get the results that you want. The lessons are practical and provide the opportunity for immediate application, and the community of women is supportive, encouraging and inspiring. You don’t just go through the program; you become immersed in growth, awareness and acceptance. 

What would you tell someone wondering whether Kickstartology is right for them?
If you’re wondering whether Kickstartology is right for you, visit one of the Reset Labs that are offered a few times a year. You will very quickly get a sense of Stephanie and Nadine’s candour, humour, and wisdom, all while effortlessly creating space for reflection, challenge and meaningful growth. You will also see firsthand the amazing bond between them and the women already in the program.

What was the benefit of being in a group program?
There is collective wisdom when women gather and share openly and honestly. Witnessing someone else get coached live is one of my favourite things about the group. You can learn so much about yourself through the experience of others, including things that you may not have focused on until they were brought to the fore by someone else. You also quickly realize that you are never alone in your struggles, doubts or fears.

What is the most significant realization you had as the result of Kickstartology?
It sounds simple, but my most significant realization has been that I can take imperfect action and still move closer to the life I want to create for myself. Taking imperfect action despite uncertainty has been a game changer for me and has brought my vision for how I want to live in the future so much closer to the way that I actually live today.

Read more inspiring Kickstartology client spotlights or check out a full video playlist of our members speaking at our Reset Lab workshop.

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