Avoiding the Boring Things

Jumping into new things is a superpower… but not if you’re using it to avoid the one thing that you can’t handle:

The tedious time-sucking detailed finicky boring things. What are those for you? I don’t want to name them because one woman’s tedium is another woman’s joy.

You can put an impressive amount of time and energy into avoiding doing the tedious time-sucking detailed finicky boring things, but there comes a point where you can’t go any further until you just do them. And until you do them, you’re going to be stuck.

And the worst part is that there is nothing more boring than feeling stuck.

The Habit of Avoidance

When you develop the habit of avoiding the tedious time-sucking detailed finicky boring things, you might get pretty good at it to a certain extent, and that’s amazing, except when you reach the point where it no longer works. Because at that point, you will be struggling to do them much more than the people who have already built the habit of just doing them.

To you, these little things seem HUGE, and your inner drama queen (we all have one) will be screaming her resistance. You might try to summon all of your willpower and motivation, and that can work for a while, but often that’s when some people just give up on their goals and jump into something new.

But as a coach, my job is to fight for your goals and dreams.

What if You Just Did Them?

I can teach you how to take the dread and drama out of doing the tedious time-sucking detailed finicky boring things when they are non-negotiable for your goals.

In Kickstartology Coaching, we take you through a simple process that will show you precisely how to approach these things differently to break your destructive patterns.

The simple alignment framework will help you connect to the right things to get you into action. You’re going to learn how powerful it is to collect data instead of judgements. And you are going to experience following through for yourself in a new way.

It Gets Easier Each Time

Imagine the time and energy you would have if you didn’t always have to figure out how to do things differently?

What would it be like if you weren’t worrying about what you SHOULD do or NEED to do, and you could redirect all of that to figuring out what you want to do and what you can do?

It feels amazing.

Doing the tedious time-sucking detailed finicky boring things is so much easier without your inner drama queen.

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