That was my life for years.

Do you know the “go-go-go-crash” cycle? It used to be my way of life and I thought it was just how I operated, but I broke free. I thought it was the only way I could do everything I need to do, but now I do more and feel more energized than I ever have.

The cycle goes something like this: Things get really busy with dates and deadlines and social things and all of the things, and you rush and actually pull it all off somehow, maybe not how you would have liked to, but you get to the other side.

And then you totally crash and check out for a bit to try and recover.

By the time you feel recovered enough to re-engage, you’re already falling behind and so the cycle of “go-go-go-crash” continues.

You wish you felt energized and inspired and had time to focus on the big picture and on other priorities, and each time you make the same promises to yourself that next time you will get ahead of it and take better care of yourself.

You’ve tried to set boundaries and build habits to keep yourself from falling into the cycle, but you never have the time or energy to actually follow through when things start getting out of control, which they always do.

The Alignment Framework will help you bust out of the  “go-go-go-crash” cycle for good.

It works because it interrupts the cycle and allows you to start building a different approach no matter where in the cycle you are. It doesn’t rely on willpower or trying harder when you’re already tapped out or uninspired. The Alignment Framework will get you unstuck by opening up solutions beyond what you think you “need to do” or “should do”.

You will feel uncomfortable at first because you are used to your way of doing things, but you will get new insights as to why you perpetuate this cycle and how you can stop it. You will experiment with new ways to do things, some might fail, but then you will succeed and feel amazing when you figure out new solutions.

You will learn to take 100% responsibility for how you manage your time and invest your energy. You will learn to stop relying on doing more and trying harder.

Sitting in uncomfortable feelings will become easier.

As you integrate the Alignment Framework into your life you will feel more connected to yourself and more engaged in what you are doing. You will make decisions that inspire and energize you and that way of life will become habitual.

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