By Stephanie Marshall, Toronto based Master Alignment Coach

Stephanie Tackles Body, Body Image, & Health Habits using the Kickstartology Alignment Framework

Part 1

I kind of feel gross in my body. I’ve been agonizing about how to start talking about this on Instagram because body image stuff is such a big and complicated beast, but I have decided to share some stuff because I suspect a few people can relate.

Right now my body is not aligned with how I want to live. Not because it’s objectively hideous, but it looks and feels better when I take better care of it, and my habits have been shit in some respects (the pandemic didn’t help). I’ve decided to do a deep dive focus on this piece of my self-image and habits over the next two months and I’m going to be using our Kickstartology Alignment Framework. Some priority areas include:

1.My Diet Coke addiction
2.My relationship with sugar
3.Consistency in working out

This is not about the perfectionist fantasy or white-knuckling my way through, and it’s not about some big before and after reveal. It’s about incremental improvements and permanent shifts.

And, this is going to be fun because I get to publicly demonstrate my Framework and what’s possible when you make a decision instead of “trying to try”.

I’m going to be posting about the framework and my progress here and in the newsletter (sign up if you haven’t). If you want to join me and target some habits I would love it!

By the way, a piece of me is totally resisting this right now, saying “wait till next week”. But I could say this every week.

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