The Illusion of “Good”

Someone asked me if I got tired of “being good” and it threw me for a loop. I don’t identify as good. Actually, I might be closer to identifying as the skeptic at the back of the room.

But I know what she meant. As a coach, I help women figure out what’s next and get into action, so some of the things we get into include habits, comfort zones, and following through for yourself. I take what I coach seriously. And as such I’m consistently up-levelling my own skills and comfort zones. My motto is “Never trust a coach who has stopped working on themselves.”

As I’ve built better habits and expanded my comfort zone I don’t feel like I’m “being good” more often, instead, I feel more alive. These days I get out of my own way and I’m not wasting hours procrastinating or stuck in indecision. As a result, I get to experience more and learn so much faster. My life feels more fun, more interesting, and more meaningful.

Being “Good” is Not a Good Goal

My goal is never to be “good”. It’s to improve my ability to live on my terms, to explore what’s possible, and make an impact that aligns with my values.

I do lots of things that some might consider “bad” and I’m fine with that. I’m only working to change the ones that don’t align with how I would like to live in the long term.

Thanks to the coaching tools, I have substantially more energy and self-discipline now than I did when I wasn’t doing as much or aiming as high. And the best part is that I’ve learned exactly how to help other women feel the same way about their life. 

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