Dramatic and Intriguing Title

Dear [human who we are engaging with in order to be top-of-mind when you have that eureka moment about wanting to look into coaching to change your life],

Have you noticed that everyone out there is feeling [insert what people are complaining about on social media] right now]? We have too, and the problem is that [insert deep insight], and it will eventually make you [circle the one that elicits distress: overwhelmed / unhappy / alone / broke / stuck]  forever.

But do you relate to [insert what people are complaining about on social media] and do you ever feel a bit [circle one: overwhelmed / unhappy / alone / broke / stuck]? I’ve been there and I struggled. Now I’ve learned a different way of approaching it that could help you too. [Insert a personal story about how I overcame this obstacle] and here is a picture of me looking rugged but victorious.

And yes we do present everything through the lens of [circle the one you most identify with: business / spirituality / inspiration / science / empowerment / productivity / pantsuits].

So if you want your life to be [circle one: successful, abundant, efficient, meaningful, productive], this is the perfect opportunity to use some of the extra time and money that you have, even though we told you that we could help you if you need time or money.

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Okay, Steph here for real now.

Did I miss anything in the cliche blog post above? There are some great blog posts out there, but we all know what it sounds like when someone phones it in or is trying too hard to fit into a formula right? I just want to be straight with you today.*

Several of my clients had significant breakthroughs and wins today and nothing thrills me more than getting those texts. I wanted to share some of that energy with you in this newsletter, but in summarizing the magic was lost and it just came out sounding like self-help bullshit. But there is magic in the details of all of the little steps and ups and downs that these amazing women took to get where they are.

I see some of you struggling a little, maybe a lot. Sometimes I recognize it in your sharp tongue on Facebook, your irreverence (been there), your empathy, and some of you are just blunt about it. And while I don’t have a vaccine, a racism and sexism cancelling pill, or a magic wand to create time or money, I do have a seriously effective tool that I know will dramatically help the right people. The right people are the ones who want to feel in control. They are bored with their current problems and are ready to get to the other side of them. These people aren’t the ones who are cavalierly thinking that they may as well try this, it’s for the people who want to feel as though they have enough time, money, and clarity to focus on what really matters now. Because waiting usually means never.

So if you are feeling a bit [circle one: overwhelmed / unhappy / alone / broke / stuck] I want to have a conversation for real. Let’s dive in and chat. You will walk away with the following:

  1. A different perspective from someone else.
  2. Some steps you can take (or leave) for a different approach.
  3. A clear idea of what coaching could offer if you decided it was a fit.

The bad part? If you have been in denial or avoidance mode (I see you, that was my superpower in the olden days), it’s harder to stay that way afterwards.

Want to chat? Get in touch. And seriously, pass this along to a friend if you know someone who might be a good fit.



*A straight talker specifically

* indicates required
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